Swedish Massage therapy
General massage treatment which increases blood circulation lowers tension and is really enjoyable. Specifically recommended for novice go to.
Professional hour (50 minutes.) $58.
25 minute $38 plus sales tax, without Rx.
Neuro-Muscular Massage.
Combined with Swedish, this is deep muscle work and it assists to remove muscular tissue convulsions as well as tight muscles, which create muscular discomfort.
Expert Hour (50 min.) $63 plus sales tax, without Rx.
25 mins $42 plus sales tax obligation, without Rx.
A special treat! A two step treatment where a fluid salt slurry is put on the body, which gently removes dead skin cells and also stimulates brand-new cell development. This is followed with a cozy shower as well as a relaxing Swedish massage. This leaves a person sensation infant soft as well as wonderful!
Specialist 1.5 hours $90 plus sales tax obligation, without Rx.
Infant Massage therapy Course.
This is a four session course program where parents and caretakers are taught to massage therapy their kids, infant to 2 years old. This teaches communication through caring, nurturing touch.
4 Sessions $63.
Application of warm and/or cold creating vaso-constriction and/or vaso-dilation. This stimulates blood circulation and also assists to get rid of toxic substances from the body through inspiration of blood flow.
20 minutes $21.
On-Site Massage.
Great for any kind of wellness program! Seated massage therapy, lasts 5-20 minutes, makes use of no oils and accompanies the person fully outfitted. Generally covers head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Convenient with immediate results. Great for birthday celebrations, motivation programs or office benefit awards.
$ 1/minute (20 minutes and under).
$ 70/hour (traveling time-extra expense).
* Appointment Preferred *.
Massage therapy Solutions Supplied by Accredited Specialist.
For individual use, massage therapy oils and various other items are available. If you don’t see a product that you would like to purchase, please ask. We will gladly order anything to suit your needs, providing it is offered. Thank you.
* Gift Certificates Available *,.
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