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Vegan Protein Sources

Vegan Protein Sources

Discover vegan protein sources to meet your daily requirements. Put your concerns to rest by eating the best vegan sources of protein and reach your best levels of health. After water, protein is the second largest contributor to body weight. Protein is in our skin, tendons, glands, muscles, hair, and fingernails.


A variety of vegan protein sources is essential for vegans since they do not consume any animal products. It is possible to get all of one’s sources of protein from the natural world without violence or losing nutrients through cooking. The FDA recommends that 10% of daily calorie intake should come from protein and that a variety of protein sources should be consumed to get all 20 amino acids. The body produces 10 out of the 20 which build protein in our bodies.

A variety of protein sources are important because different combinations produce different protein structures. The amino acids produced by our bodies, the non-essential ones are: alanine, arginine, asparagine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, glutamine, glycine, praline, serine, and taurine. While the amino acids we need from outside sources, the essential ones, include: phenylalanine, valine, tryptophan, threonine, isoleucine, methionine, histidine, arginine, leucine, lysine.

Many vegetables are made up of 10% or more protein. Eat a variety of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetable, which are 10% or more protein. It will be easy to meet the 10% or more of daily recommended calories from protein.

Grains and beans are good vegan protein sources. Microbiology dictates that the easiest way to get a complete source of protein is to eat grains and beans at the same meal. Together, these two can provide the same combination of amino acids as a piece of chicken, the full spectrum of amino-acids needed to thrive.


Soy protein is unique because it is one of the only vegetables which contain all essential amino acids. Soy is one of the most popular vegan protein sources. Studies have found that soy reduces the risk of getting cancer. Soy is a source of isoflavones, a type of phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogens are structures similar to estrogen but produced outside of our body. Isoflavones are believed to decrease rates of breast cancer.

However, high levels of soy given to mice have caused higher rates of cancer as well as abnormal growth of breast tissue in males. This evidence concludes that it is essential to consume soy in moderation. If already consuming a variety of fresh vegetables, one needs only to include a little bit of soy in the diet. Other vegan protein sources include lentils, yellow peas, nuts, beans, seeds and other vegetables.…

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Hark Vegans, There Are Hidden Animal Products Lurking About

Hark Vegans, There Are Hidden Animal Products Lurking About

Yes, vegans there are indeed animal products hidden in many of those alleged “vegan” products. Now, I won’t resort to name calling here, but just be aware that some of the products that you know to be “vegan” are more than questionably so. It seems these days that marketers are exceptionally good at their jobs. They have taken to being very strategic in using key catch phrases to get your attention. So, if you’re not careful they may even succeed at reeling you in.

I know this is terrible and you are just sick about not catching onto this scheme, but don’t beat yourself up too bad. We’ve all fallen prey to this ploy at one time or another. For instance, I don’t know how many times I’ve picked up an item that on its face looked vegan. I mean it had all the right words conspicuously shown on the package. Words like organic, all natural, vegetarian, and dairy-free drew me right in and in my haste I plopped the item into my basket and headed straight for check-out. Then after arriving home, unpacking my bags and upon closer examination, right there on the back of the package under the listed ingredients lay the truth. All types of animal remains stared back and taunted me.

So perhaps we’re being targeted or maybe its just the universe signaling for us to be more conscientious about what we’re buying. Whatever the reason, we have to stop being lazy about reading labels in order to avoid being tricked by wolves in vegetable clothing. We have to continuously educate ourselves as to what’s going on in the world of food to ensure that what we think we’re eating is in fact what we’re eating.

Of course, there are the well-known disguised animal ingredients like glucose, gelatin, lactose, whey, lard, and animal shortening. However, there are a host of others that are not so well-recognized and that are all well-disguised animal-derived ingredients such as natural flavorings, glycerides (can be plant or animal based), lecithin, pepsin, royal jelly, stearic acid, Vitamins A, B12, D1, D2 and D3, just to name a few. Believe it or not, this list is far from comprehensive, there is a laundry list of items.

Now I’m not telling you this to scare you into neurosis. I simply want to ensure that you are aware of what you’re eating and provide you with the opportunity to make an informed decision. Sure, it would be nearly impossible to avoid all of these ingredients. However, you can drastically cut down on your intake of them if you can identify them, which is essentially the point here. After all, knowledge is power.…

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The Holistic Lifestyle Coach Guidelines

The Holistic Lifestyle Coach Guidelines

The work of a Holistic Lifestyle Coach is primarily based after the techniques that have treated thousands of individuals enhance vitality, lower tension and develop the body of their aspirations. They look in element at the root sources of sickness and tension, contemplating the physique as a “technique of systems.” Making use of a mentoring model, they will aid you to discover just how sickness and pressure are preventable through wholesome eating practices, lifestyle relief and best suited types of physical activity. These people will enable anyone to understand exactly why every single diet, each and every bout of workout and each late evening have a hormone imbalances effect. They will use tools, such as in-depth surveys, to evaluate, and that will make it possible for them to decide your ability for transformation. Because of this integrative technique, it is one of the strongest personalized growth & development devices around. With Holistic lifestyle coach anyone can obtain wholesome interventions for your own entire body, mind & spirit.

There are quite a few understanding of what is holistic and the simplest way to be an HLC. In any circumstances, these people help a person find who you truly are, determine and clarify exactly what you are looking for the most, broaden the knowledge of your views, feelings and measures and start to align them to precisely what you hunger. Produce and cultivate plans, action strategies and conditions to aid all of them achieve their ambitions.

HLC’s objective is to teach a person so that you can start your continuing quest to transformation and ideal wellness. People will be presented with best suited dealing capabilities to assist you deal with private life problems, emergency situations, as well as trauma. You can furthermore obtain feedback about how to increase your communication abilities while you gain self-knowledge and comprehension.

We use the concepts of Love, Honesty, Independence, and Empowerment to assist people to cultivate their internalized judge. Using this internalized judge, you end up being aware of your personal steps and how they affect oneself and other people. You become far more recognizing of your own steps as well as the activity of other folks and you no longer take them individually as a person become One together with All That Is. When the merge occurs, you start to live life from your center. Anyone commence to choose the higher road since you begin to find and become a part of the greater good.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaches commonly performs with three levels. On the physique, or physical degree it means doing work with exactly what is on in the client’s actual world-what is actually going on in their encounter and how to create surroundings and action plans that support their plans and wants. On the mind or mental stage, they learn just how to provide the base and limiting beliefs and the cause that is creating the actual symptoms or effects in their life. It is also to produce and integrate brand new feelings, beliefs and activities that are aligned with their aims and dreams. On the soul or spiritual level, to recognize that we live in a co-creative galaxy with Spirit, God, a Greater Strength and enable them in generating a link with that Higher Power as well as to acquire a spiritual exercise that performs for them-within his or her unique religion or faith, to transform their existing conditions and life ordeals. Lifestyle coaches are not doctors, even though they concluded the maximum level of coaching education, these people are not qualified physicians. Constantly seek advice from your doctor regarding any medical related assistance or queries.…

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Raw Food Diet Recipes – Watermelon and Peach Salsa – Healthy Free Raw Recipe

Raw Food Diet Recipes – Watermelon and Peach Salsa – Healthy Free Raw Recipe

If you’re looking for an exciting healthy raw recipe – a salsa recipe that’s so easy to make you can make it in mere minutes – a treat, a tropical salsa that’s refreshing any time of year, this is a great change of pace. This is one of many great raw food diet recipes I like to make to take to parties, picnics, potlucks or raw food potlucks and is a hit because of the unusual combination of ingredients. And you can put it all together just before you go if need be. People love to try this watermelon and peach salsa and it’s often the talk of the get-together or party no matter the group, whether raw fooders, vegans, vegetarians or not.

The preparation time takes just about 10 minutes and yields about 15 servings or so. You can make this watermelon and peach salsa very quickly actually and doesn’t require a lot of kitchen equipment to make. In fact you can make this raw recipe without any appliances. And it keeps nicely in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

Ingredients: watermelon, cilantro, organic peaches, lime and sun dried sea salt. Make sure to use organic peaches because when non-organic peaches are sprayed there is no way to wash off the pesticide residue – it will be absorbed in the skin.

Watermelon And Peach Salsa

2 cups watermelon cubed, seedless or de-seeded

2 small organic peaches

Cilantro, small handful chopped

1 lime

1/2 tsp. sun-dried sea salt or Real Salt (a brand of sun-dried sea salt that is popular with raw foodists.)

Gather all the ingredients.

Put the cilantro into a large mixing bowl. Juice the lime and sprinkle over the top of it or just juice the lime over the top and be sure to catch the seeds.

Cube the watermelon into small cubes and add to cilantro in the mixing bowl.

Remove the pits from the peaches and discard, then dice the peaches fine and add.

Add the sea salt, preferably sun-dried.

Stir mixture gently retaining some chunks.

Place all in a large glass jar with airtight lid and refrigerate.

This easy salsa is versatile and goes well as a side dish or served along with dehydrated chips such as raw zucchini chips or raw sweet potato chips. You can even try this healthy free raw recipe on raw banana ice cream. This is one of many great raw food diet recipes and a favorite of mine that I like to serve to family and friends often.…

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Tips To Have A Healthy Dog

Tips To Have A Healthy Dog

Have you ever been to a dog show and saw all those beautiful, energetic, and healthy dogs? You might have wondered, what were the dog owners doing right to have those cute pets? Well, the answer is that they take really good care of them. And that is the secret to a healthy dog.

1. Give your pet the right nutrition.

Good nutrition will always be the main key to the health of your dog. If you are a first time dog owner, start researching the foods that are safe and also those that are dangerous to your pet. You can always cook your own dog food. This way you can ensure that it is safe and good eats. However, not all of us have the time to do it so your next best option would be the commercially made dog food in the supermarket aisles or the pet store. Just do a little bit of research on this also to learn which brands are the best. Also, there is a growing number of dog owners who are giving vegan dog food diets to their dogs. They claim that because of it their pets are livelier and more energetic than ever before.

2. Give your dog the chance to get some exercise.

Exercise is another factor that contributes to a healthy dog. Just a half an hour up to an hour of exercise should be enough, and you do not have to do it every single day. Just a couple of times each week would be enough. And also it does depend on the breed of your dog when it comes to amount of time of exercise that he needs. For dogs like the terrier type, you may need a bigger area for him to run around and also give him about an hour to fully exercise. For smaller, toy dogs just walk them around your neighborhood for 15 minutes and they should be fine

3. Regular visits to the vet.

Your dog’s veterinarian should be able to check on your dog on a regular basis. This is to better monitor your pet’s health so that the doctor can quickly see if there are any potential health problems. He would then be able to give the best preventive treatments or medicines to help keep your dog healthy.…

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Weight Lifting Exercises And Things To Remember

Weight Lifting Exercises And Things To Remember

Weight loss is one of the biggest troubles that one can go through. There are many times when people try everything they can but still cannot do anything to lose that stubborn weight. Now there’s one thing that people can do to lose weight as fast as possible that is weightlifting.

Not many people know the effects of weightlifting on fat. Not only does it help in reducing the fat but it also helps in increasing the metabolism as well. Obviously only weight lifting is not going to help you lose all the weight required but you sure can lose a substantial amount just by doing the right things.

Follow these simple guidelines to better life with weight lifting

1. Over load – in order to build muscle the first step should be to be able to lift weights more than its capacity. This is importance for resistance training. You need to push your body to o more and more and hence your body too will do better. This means that if you are supposed to do 15 reps 2 times you should be able to do your last rep but you must not be struggling too much also.

2. Increasing overload – In order to see a continuous change you must be capable of increasing the load steadily so that your body doesn’t get too used to one type of weight. You need to keep increasing the weights as and when you can so that you are able to get the best out of the work out. Along with the weights, the number of reps as well as the workouts needs to be constantly developed so that you ensure that your body is not settling down to one format.

3. Specific training – When you begin training you must be awfully careful that you don’t lose sight of your goal. Your goal has to be most important to you. If you lose sight of your focus you could also end up losing sight of what part of the body you are training and in return miss out on the goodness of the workout of weightlifting.

4. Recovery – Weight lifting routines need to be followed by proper rest so that your body can recover and be ready for the next workout session. The rest is a very important part as without the rest the muscles will not grow or change.

Tips to remember

Breathing right is important and if you do not follow the right techniques the whole workout could be waste.

You need to supplement the weight lifting routines with a weight lifting diet to see best results.

Stand as straight as you can this helps the posture as well as the workout.

The weights need to be lifted and lowered carefully so that you don’t hurt your back while doing it. You need to protect your back or else you could be in for some serious back injury.

Warm up is critical before the workout.…

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Vegan Nutrition Is Easier Than You Think

Vegan Nutrition Is Easier Than You Think

Vegan nutrition is one of those topics of discussion filled with misconceptions. At the Thanksgiving table, well-meaning relatives are likely to have all sorts of opinions about how you can’t possibly be healthy without consuming any animal products. It’s easy, however, to prove them incorrect.

There are at 4 typical topics of controversy when it comes to vegan nutrition. They are: vitamin B12, protein, iron, and calcium.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is admittedly challenging to obtain from a vegan diet. And it’s certainly true that it’s a very important nutrient. A vitamin B12 deficiency can be very serious, so it is important to obtain enough. Nutritional yeast is one vegan food that contains vitamin B12. Many vegans enjoy its cheesy flavor and sprinkle it on popcorn popped with coconut oil.

Vitamin B12 supplements are often suggested for vegans, and you can get all the vitamin B12 you need in a day if you take a good, high-quality supplement.


Protein is not as much of a concern if one is eating a well-rounded vegan diet. While we don’t think of them as protein sources, vegetables do contain protein. Nuts and seeds also offer a lot of protein. Chia seeds have 3 grams of protein in just 2 tablespoons. Hemp seeds contain a complete protein, meaning they contain all the amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Brown rice is also high in protein.

In addition to all these vegan sources of protein, most vegans do not believe that humans need the amount of protein we are led to believe is necessary. Between the lessened need for protein and the bounty of plant protein sources, most vegans with a well-rounded diet get all the protein they need.


Iron is not just found in meat. One surprisingly rich source of iron is raw cacao powder. Happily, just 2.5 tablespoons have 8% of the RDA for iron! Chia seeds are another good source of iron, with 2 tablespoons containing 8% of the RDA. Blackstrap molasses are high in iron, with 1 tablespoon offering 19% of the RDA. 23% of the RDA is found in just one ounce of pumpkin seeds, which are delicious roasted and eaten out-of-hand. Baked potatoes and spinach are also high in iron. And there are also excellent vegan iron supplements available at any health food store if iron is a particular concern for you. The best and most easily digested tend to be the liquid supplements.


Got kale? Many vegetables contain calcium and kale is one of the most concentrated and easily digestible sources of calcium. Sea vegetables, nori or dulse, for example, also contain high amounts of calcium, as do chia seeds. And just one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses contains 17% of the RDA. It’s generally accepted in the nutrition community that vegetable and other plant sources of calcium are easily digested, therefore your body reaps the benefits more readily than from animal sources like cow’s milk. Speaking of milk, coconut and almond milks contain 45% of the RDA for calcium in just 1 cup!…