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How To Get Young Children To Eat Raw Food

How To Get Young Children To Eat Raw Food

One of the most common questions I’m asked is this: “how do you get your really young children excited and interested in raw food?” Well, here are some tried, tested and fun ways.

So you’re into raw food and you’ve read all the benefits, but what happens if your child isn’t in such a hurry to give up his pasta and tomato sauce? I have three nephews and each one has gone though a (lengthy) stage of calling me weird. They’ve also gone through stages of letting me feed them the food I eat. My eldest nephew loves avocados, thanks to my dad. My youngest loves raw chocolate. The middle one, well, he still calls me weird. However, when I looked after him for a fortnight at the age of fourteen I did get him eating a few raw vegetables before he had his beans on toast. All older children will eat some raw food if you explain the benefits clearly.

Making food appealing is easier than you may think, yet the starting point will be different for each child. Some children are fussy eaters, some are hearty eaters.

Here are some tried and tested pointers for small children:

Silly plates: This involves doing anything surreal with food. Children love the unexpected. Put food on dolly’s plates, or useoversized and mismatching cutlery. Try feeding dolly first. Feedyour belly button. Let your child feed you. Reverse roles, act like your child and call your child Mummy.

Fishing: When my daughter Evie was small we put goji berries, raisins andother dried foods in the bath. Evie fished them out, and then ate them.

Where food comes from: Get your child involved with gardening,wild fruit hunting, eating edible flowers, growing pots of sprouts, and making animal sprouts (use tights to make a face and grow sprouts inside. The sprouts will come out like hair all over the “animal”).

Hide and seek: I hide little food parcels around the house orgarden for Evie to seek out.

Blankie picnics: When it’s cold outside, we lay down a blanket or tablecloth and have a picnic inside with party cups and get dressed up and eat to party music in the presence of many dollies.

Eating in the car: It’s funny how children will eat in a car when they refuse to eat at home. Take advantage of it by preparing pots of cut up vegetables for all your car journeys.

Eating around the stupor market: That stupormarket trolley came in so handy when I couldn’t get Evie to sit still and eat. Avocados,bananas, punnets of berries and even cucumbers got demolished before we’d arrive at the checkout. I kept the labels to scan,though!

Making food together: This is a really important practise. When Evie was really little I’d put the juicer and cutting board on the floor. She’d eat as I made the food. She still does it now, sitting on the worktop. Make dough from ground flax and water and get them to shape it. Dehydrate it to make nibbly biscuits.

Funny faces: We use sprouts for hair, a tomato for the nose, red pepper for the lips and olives on cucumber rounds for the eyes. Suddenly, a drab salad snack is appealing and fun.

I hope this helps you in your quest to get more raw food into a child.

Bliss U…

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Vegan Diet Plan – A How-To Guide On The Vegan Diet Plan

Vegan Diet Plan – A How-To Guide On The Vegan Diet Plan

If people live in an ideal world, then everyone would be eating fruits and vegetables the whole time. After all, they are staples in keeping a sound and healthy body, not to mention in weight maintenance or decrease as well. But alas, the allure of meat is a temptation far too tempting to resist. But then, vegetarians have already veggie products that do taste like meat, so going vegetarian is a growing trend. For dieters who recognize the power of vegetables in keeping a person’s weight low and body healthy, here are some vegan diet plan tips.

In preparing a diet plan for a vegan, it must be understood anything related to animal products is avoided. That includes dairy, meat, dairy, and anything animal related. Whatever nutrition that will be missed due to meat and animal by-products can be substituted through other foods that a vegan enjoys – fruits, vegetables soy and grains.

To make it clearer, a vegan avoids the following, and therefore must be off a vegan diet plan:

• The primary no-no, meat that includes red and white meat – pork, chicken, beef, pork and even seafood

• Vegans avoid dairy since it is an animal by-product. Milk can come from cows or goats, which are obviously animals, which is why they are banned. Milk, cheese, butter, and any other products containing them are not allowed.

• Eggs, as they come from fowl such as chicken, turkey, quail, etc. are not allowed. Because they come from chickens, eggs are off limits for vegans, as well as vegetarians.

Two products may catch one’s surprise as no-nos for vegans:

• Gelatin products are banned in a vegan diet as horse and animal hoofs are included in men the product’s gelatinization process.

• Sweeteners such as white sugar (because sugar refinement includes a process wherein sugar passes through bone marrow) and honey (which comes from bees, although some argue that they are a natural products and no bees are harmed in the process) are not allowed.

Alternatives for these products for a diet plan for vegetarians include:

• Vegi-meat, bean curd, nuts and grains are good sources of protein and approximate the taste of meat.

• Soymilk, soybean or sunflower oil-based margarine and vegan cheeses can be substituted for dairy products.

• Raw brown sugar that does not pass through a bone marrow, as it does not undergo refinement can be the best sweetener options for vegans.

The good thing about these substitutes for a vegan diet plan is that they are actually low in calories as well, so they can pretty much lead to weight loss.…

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Organic Vegan Raw Spaghetti

Organic Vegan Raw Spaghetti

Did you know it is possible to make healthy comfort food? Spaghetti has always been one of my favorite meals to prepare for dinner or lunch, and I am so excited to share with you a recipe that will satisfy your hunger for a tasty and complete meal! Organic raw vegetables and fruits add numerous vitamins and minerals into the diet, which provide lasting energy to keep you going throughout your day.

I recently discovered a kitchen tool called a spiral slicer. This manual hand turn crank device is actually quite fun to use, and once you practice a couple of times it is super easy to make raw noodles from several different types of vegetables. I purchased my spiral slicer online for around twenty dollars and have found it to be very durable throughout the past few years I’ve used it. My family and I have really enjoyed using this creative kitchen device. Its durability has also proven to be cost efficient. My favorite vegetables to spiral slice into raw pasta noodles are zucchini and yellow squash because they have a slightly neutral flavor that easily absorb flavors from other added ingredients, herbs, and spices when combined together. If you do not have a spiral slicer, you may use a cheese grater to create a shredded noodle that is also enjoyable to prepare.

You will need the following ingredients and items on hand to complete the preparation of this recipe.

Spiral vegetable slicer or cheese grater.

Food processor.

Two large evenly round organic zucchini or yellow squash.

Ten sun-dried tomatoes soaked for twenty minutes until soft.

Half cup organic pine nuts.

Four medium organic tomatoes.

Four organic basil leaves.

One clove organic garlic.

One tablespoon fresh chopped organic oregano.

One teaspoon sea salt.

One teaspoon organic freshly cracked black pepper.

Half teaspoon organic chili powder.

Half cup organic extra virgin olive oil.

One cup purified water.

Once you have all your ingredients, you may begin the preparation of this delicious meal. First, use the spiral slicer to make spiral pasta noodles from the zucchini or yellow squash and set aside. Next, place the remaining ingredients, except pine nuts, into your food processor. Pulse until smooth, but slightly chunky. Be sure not to over process, unless you desire a completely liquified sauce. I prefer a slightly chunky texture in my spaghetti sauces, as I find it adds to the enjoyment of all the distinct flavors in this gourmet meal. Then, place desired amount of zucchini or yellow squash noodle pasta into separate serving bowls. Now, pour the processed sauce over the servings of noodles. Finally, sprinkle the raw organic pine nuts on top of each bowl. The pine nuts add delicious flavor and make a beautiful and edible garnish. Now you can satisfy even the biggest of appetites as you enjoy devouring this tasty and healthy recipe! Making healthy dietary choices has never been this easy before, and it starts with one healthy choice! I love preparing delectable organic raw vegan meals for people, and I know you will too! Now you can create a whole new experience in your kitchen, and even enroll children in the process as well. Kids have so much fun knowing they are helping make this delicious meal the entire family will love!…

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Vegan Body Building Diet

Vegan Body Building Diet

As we all know, diet for body building requires a lot of protein, carbohydrates and fat in order to cater the body needs after heavy workouts. Most sources of protein can be found in meat, this goes the same for fat. This kind of diet is not suitable for vegetarians who wanted build muscle as they do not consume meat for their daily meal. However, this does not mean that vegetarians are not able to have all the nutrients that they need to build muscle by eating vegan food. Here are some tips for vegetarian’s diet in muscle building.

Seeds from pumpkins and squash have high content of protein. It is easy to prepare them; it can be done by roasting the seeds in the oven and serve them as snacks. In the serving of 100 gram, the seeds provide 33 gram of protein. Apart from that, dense vegetables can also be included in the diet, for instance beans, asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli. Consuming any of those vegetables in large quantity can provide you all the nutrients you need.

Peaches and figs contain 46 percent of protein in them and you can also try other fruits such as coconuts, dates, pineapples and pears as they also contain high percentage of protein and can be used to diversify you diet. Spreads made from yeast extract can be consumed as it is a good source of protein and vitamin B12. Peanuts and lentils can be included in the diet as they provide among the best nutrients for muscle building. It is best to take them raw especially lentils as it contains higher percentage of protein than cooked lentils.

The amount of protein in vegan food may not as massive as what you can found in meat but body building vegans can found the protein by taking supplements. There are a lot of supplements which can supply the nutrients that it takes for muscle building and one of them is whey protein supplement. Whey protein supplement provide good combination of amino acids for excellent performance as it helps in body building by assisting the muscle building as well as to reduce the muscle damages.

You see, vegans also have the option to build muscle. They don’t have to take meat for the proteins that they need. The nature has provided them enough sources of protein and apart from that, the advanced technologies available these days give no limits to anybody who wanted to fulfill their dreams.…

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The Simple Ways To Prepare Your Meals

The simplest advice for those interested in meal prep is to prepare in more quantity. Will you make rice this Sunday? Make two or three servings more for tomorrow so you don’t have to do it every day.  In addition, prepare side dishes, such as quinoa or pasta, ahead of time. You can keep the leftovers in the fridge and use them the next day in a salad for example.

Consider the Containers

Always have enough containers at home, but try to avoid plastic. Choose alternatives that are good for the environment (or BPA-free). Glass bottles are good for smoothies, glass jars for oatmeal with fruit, and stainless steel cans for salads.

Smoothies to Go

Have you overslept and now you’re late for work or an appointment? It only takes a few minutes to make a smoothie and it can replace a meal. Cut fruit and vegetables, divide them into portions for a meal and freeze them if you want. This way you can store them for a long time without losing vitamins or minerals. Mix all the ingredients in the morning and you will have a healthy breakfast ready to go.

Use Eggs

Eggs are an amazing source of protein and vitamins, so they should always be on your healthy shopping list. Boiled eggs are a great option for salads or to combat cravings between meals. The problem is that most pots only have room for 5 eggs. However, you can also make them in the oven! It’s very easy. Heat the oven to 170ºC. Fill a cupcake pan with 12 eggs and bake them for about 30 minutes. It is done! You now have a dozen hard-boiled eggs to use as you please.

The Freezer is Your Friend                                            

Have you prepared a lot of food, but do not want to be eating the same thing all week? It is absolutely no problem. There are many foods (such as curries, soups, or stews) that can be frozen in individual servings.

Healthy Snacks Between Meals

In the afternoons, we always tend to feel the temptation to snack on something. The body needs energy during the working days. Prepare for those moments. Fill a few jars with nuts, dried fruit, or dark chocolate. Or, you can prepare some energy balls on Sunday to have during the week. This will help you combat the afternoon slump. Always be ahead of the game. Meal prep is a great way to save time and to think about what you are going to consume.

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3 Tips to pick the right dress for your occasion

Whether you go out on a weekly basis or only once in a while, having a selection of gorgeous dinner date outfits on hand is essential for looking your best. It’s also useful to have special occasion dresses something that will go with any climate and mood, from casual to formal, and from heat-resistant to rain-resistant.


Not all events or nights out are created equal, just as not all dresses are. Make certain you thoroughly comprehend the nature of the occasion before selecting an outfit for it. Will there be any dancing that necessitates a free-moving dress? What’s the appropriate dress length? These are crucial questions to ask the event’s host in order to avoid arriving in an outfit that is inappropriate for the event’s formality or lack thereof.

Know Your Body

Your body type will have a significant impact on the sort of dress you purchase. Most of the time, you want a dress that will highlight your greatest features. If you’re not sure what body type you have or which dress to wear, stick to A-line dresses and V-neckline gowns. These will never go out of style and will flatter almost every body type.


It’s the perfect way to dress up your evening attire. Simple accessories, such as stud earrings or a charm bracelet, should be used with a dazzling or complex gown. A plain evening gown, on the other hand, can be jazzed up with a glitter purse, a set of stunning chandelier earrings, or a layered necklace.

Final Thoughts 

When considering what dress to wear when going out at night, it’s tempting to get carried away by ideas of grandeur and splendor. If you follow the tips above on how to choose dresses, however, it may be a joyful and refreshing shopping experience.

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How to Get Buff Fast – Gaining Muscle Weight the Safe Way

How to Get Buff Fast – Gaining Muscle Weight the Safe Way

If you are someone who wants to get buff, you sure have a lot of work to do. Although getting buff is quite easy, maintaining and keeping those muscles in shape is a lot harder.

When it comes to getting buff, the key secret to building muscles is eating big and lifting weights. For most folks, eating big is not a problem, but being able to lift weights and follow a workout program is surely a huge problem.

Eating without exercising or lifting weights cannot get you buff muscles. When you eat excessively without working out or exercising, obesity is often times the result. When it comes to eating to get buff, it is expected that you should be very watchful of the type of foods that you eat. The fact that you have to eat well to get buff is not a license to eat junk foods or any garbage that comes your way.

As an individual who intends on increasing his food intake all because he wants to get buff, it is recommended that you should eat more protein, carbohydrates and foods that contain a lot of calories. Increasing your calorie intake is the key to getting buff fast. Complementing your diet with weight lifting exercises is very important. Without regular exercise, your increase in food intake would do nothing more than making you gain more weight and become more obese. A combination of various weight exercises is very useful and helpful in losing weight.

Increasing your food intake is usually the easiest part, while exercising and lifting weights is the most challenging. Although exercising to get buff by lifting weights can be quite strenuous, there are certain steps that you can possibly take to ensure that exercising is fun and enjoyable.

Playing and listening to some weight lifting music when lifting weight is one of the easiest ways of getting through a rigorous and a very difficult weight lifting routine or workout session without losing faith in what you are doing. The process of picking a good weight lifting song is quite easy and something that you should never be worried about. Your goal should be to choose a song that has strings, beats and percussion that have the capability of getting you going even in hard and very difficult times.

A good weight lifting song can be from any musical genre of your choice. However, what really counts is that the song should have some aggressive elements that can get you pumped and your adrenaline flowing.

When choosing good weightlifting music, you need not lay too much emphasis on the lyrics, however if you are someone who lays emphasis on the lyrical content of a song, I would recommend that you should consider choosing lyrical content that gets you motivated.…