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4 Tips for Upleveling Your Look This Season

Looking great doesn’t mean that you have to conform to the latest trends. In fact, it’s a holistic process involving bringing your authentic self into harmony with your appearance. It’s a lifelong adventure and shouldn’t feel like a burden. In fact, upleveling your look is a great way to uncover and appreciate your unique beauty and aesthetic. Here are a few ways to get started on the journey.

1. Care for Your Hair

Take a look at your hair. Chances are, it’s changed in texture over the years. Is it healthy and shiny? Or does it need a little extra TLC? Have an honest conversation with your stylist to determine a path forward. You may have issues with hair loss. If so, you’re not alone; try a search using terms such as hair restoration Westchester County NY to find a helpful, compassionate professional.

2. Care for Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and a canvas for your entire look. Take good care of it by putting together a skincare routine that gently cleans, hydrates, and protects. Remember your SPF, too; sun damage is a major factor in skin irregularities.

3. Optimize Your Health

If you improve your overall health, it’ll give your appearance a boost. Eat a delicious, nutrient-dense diet with healthy fats, and be sure to exercise in a way that’s appropriate and sustainable. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, too.

4. Refine Your Wardrobe

Remove anything from your wardrobe that isn’t flattering or of sentimental value. Organize your closets and drawers, and determine what type of look sets off your individual style. Embrace it! Fill in the gaps with a few high-impact pieces.

Upleveling your look is simpler than you think. Keep these suggestions in mind as you care for your appearance.…

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Vegan Recipes for Thanksgiving

Vegan Recipes for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is quite a tough time for vegetarians and vegans. The festival being all about a turkey and other symbols of satisfying indulgence, vegans really struggle for a comparable sign of convivial indulgence that could satisfy their senses in a plant-based way. Let’s go over two vegan recipes for just such a situation now.

First on our list of vegan recipes is a dish of vegan rolls. Take up a large bowl and pour in a half cup of warm water, two packets of active dry yeast, and a touch of sugar, and stir until everything’s dissolved. In a few minutes, the yeast should make the whole mixture a bit frothy, and that’s what you’re waiting for. Take out a saucepan, heat a cup of milk and 3 tablespoons of butter in it over low heat until everything is nice, melted and warm. Throw in the milk-yeast mixture, a teaspoon of salt, 4 cups of all-purpose flour and mix in and knead until everything is nicely blended.

You’ll need to knead that dough for about 10 minutes until it’s nice, smooth and can be worked with. As you knead, add in as much as quarter cup of flour if the dough keeps sticking to your hands. Leave the dough to rise for about 45 minutes. It’ll probably kill you to do so once it’s risen, but you’ll need to flatten the dough a bit by hand to make it manageable. Roll it out into balls and place in a covered dish and leave to rise for another 10 minutes. Roll each ball out on a greased sheet, apply a little melted butter all over, and with a pizza wheel, cut each in the shape of a triangle. Roll each triangle up, brush it with a bit of melted butter, sprinkle with sesame seeds, and lay out on a greased baking sheet to bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees until everything is nice and golden brown.

Up next on our vegan recipes list is the vegetable letter. Take out five medium-sized bulbs fennel. Cut off the roots and the stalks, and quarter them. You’ll need to do the same with eight medium-sized yellow onions too. Of course, you’ll need to remember to peel the out a large pan, throw in the fennel and the onions with 2 tablespoons of salad oil and three pinches of salt. Take out 3 pounds of medium-sized acorn squash, dice, and carve out the seeds. Toss it all into a pan with a touch of oil and salt, and roast in the oven with the fennel and the onions for 40 minutes.

Peel and dice up 3 pounds of carrots, throw in a skillet and cook in 2 tablespoons of salad oil and a touch of salt until everything is nicely browned. Add a quarter cup of water, and boil everything for a few minutes. In a separate little pan, heat quarter cup of peach preserves and 3 tablespoons of lemon juice until all the preserves of melted. You’re now ready to arrange everything into place as you wish. You can garnish with sprigs of parsley. The aroma by itself should get your neighbors knocking on your door.…

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How to Make Vegan Soap – It’s Easier Than You Think

How to Make Vegan Soap – It’s Easier Than You Think

Whether you’re a vegan or not, you might want to make your own soap that is free from animal products. With the increasing use of pesticides, unnecessary chemicals and toxins in soaps, it also makes a lot of sense to make them by yourself. Besides all of the health benefits, it’s also cheaper this way.

The basics of any type of soap making are the same. When you’re making vegan soap, you replace tallow, an animal product, with vegetable shortening, and you add cocoa butter. When shopping for the ingredients, make sure they are all marked organic, otherwise they might in fact contain animal products.

Soap is made by mixing fats and oils, in our case vegetable fats and oils, together with lye, which go through a chemical reaction called saponification. Before you begin, you have to make a lye water solution. Be extremely careful as lye can burn your skin. Wear eye goggles and elbow-length rubber gloves. When you do spill some on your skin, wash it off with lots of vinegar.

Once you’ve got the lye solution ready and it has cooled, you melt the fats and oils in a pot to a specified temperature. Then you add the lye and you stir it with a stick blender. Once the mixture reaches “trace”, meaning all the components have irreversibly mixed, you add in any additional ingredients, such as dried herbs, essential oils, or coloring.

Next, you pour the soap into a mold and let it set for 24 hours. After that, you cut it into blocks and set on a rack to cure for four weeks. Then you’re done and can enjoy using your vegan soaps!

Here’s a vegan recipe you can use:

Lye solution: 12 oz of distilled water, 4 oz of lye

Oils: 1 oz (or 3%) of pure cocoa butter, 7 oz (23%) of pure olive oil, 7 oz (23%) of pure white coconut oil, and 16 oz (51%) of pure vegetable shortening. Note: the percentages are used when you want to make a different amount of soap than the recipe prescribes. You can use a soap calculator to adjust the amounts accordingly.

Add in 2 tablespoons of dried herbs according to your own preference – basil or mint are great.…

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Raw Almond Ice Cream – Homemade, Non-Dairy and Delicious

Raw Almond Ice Cream – Homemade, Non-Dairy and Delicious

Last night I made my first batch of raw almond ice cream. It satisfies vegans, raw-foodies, superfoodies, and junk-foodies alike! The premise behind this tasty treat is that almonds, when blended with water, make a smooth and creamy milk-like liquid. It’s great in cereal or even in coffee, but also can be used in recipes where dairy products are called for. The trick is to be sure it is completely blended, (unless you like your “milk” chunky.) You can also strain the almond milk through cheesecloth or even a small strainer to eliminate any larger particles.

This delicious almond ice cream gives a fraction of the sugar and fat of real ice cream, contains the healthy omega fatty acids found in raw almonds, and can be flavored and added-to to  suit anyone’s tastes. Be sure to send in any creative recipes that have proven a success for your family!

Raw Almond Ice Cream

2 Cups Raw Almonds

4-5 Cups Water

2 Bananas

Agave Nectar to taste

A Pinch of Sea Salt

2 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

Blend together the almonds and the water. More water right be needed to get the best consistency. Blend until there are no large pieces left. I like to leave mine a little chunky, as I enjoy the nuttier texture of the ice cream. For perfectly smooth ice cream, however, strain through a cheesecloth. Set aside half of the almond milk.

Freeze the other half. The easiest way to do this is in ice cube trays, since it will go right back in the blender before eating. If not, freeze the almond milk in any container and just break it up before blending.

After it is frozen, return it to the blender and add the two bananas and vanilla extract. The agave nectar is used as a sweetener, but you can also use maple syrup if you don’t have the nectar. Some people add chopped dates as a sweet alternative. Add a pinch of sea salt (sounds weird, but it really makes it taste better!) As you blend, add some of the almond milk you set aside earlier. Keep adding until you get the ice cream consistency you desire.

You can now add all sorts of fun toppings or additives like fresh fruit, cocoa powder, or chopped nuts. Go easy on sprinkles or chocolate syrup as they are high fat/cal, low nutrient.

Good luck and have fun!…