Looking great doesn’t mean that you have to conform to the latest trends. In fact, it’s a holistic process involving bringing your authentic self into harmony with your appearance. It’s a lifelong adventure and shouldn’t feel like a burden. In fact, upleveling your look is a great way to uncover and appreciate your unique beauty and aesthetic. Here are a few ways to get started on the journey.

1. Care for Your Hair

Take a look at your hair. Chances are, it’s changed in texture over the years. Is it healthy and shiny? Or does it need a little extra TLC? Have an honest conversation with your stylist to determine a path forward. You may have issues with hair loss. If so, you’re not alone; try a search using terms such as hair restoration Westchester County NY to find a helpful, compassionate professional.

2. Care for Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and a canvas for your entire look. Take good care of it by putting together a skincare routine that gently cleans, hydrates, and protects. Remember your SPF, too; sun damage is a major factor in skin irregularities.

3. Optimize Your Health

If you improve your overall health, it’ll give your appearance a boost. Eat a delicious, nutrient-dense diet with healthy fats, and be sure to exercise in a way that’s appropriate and sustainable. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, too.

4. Refine Your Wardrobe

Remove anything from your wardrobe that isn’t flattering or of sentimental value. Organize your closets and drawers, and determine what type of look sets off your individual style. Embrace it! Fill in the gaps with a few high-impact pieces.

Upleveling your look is simpler than you think. Keep these suggestions in mind as you care for your appearance.

By Laura