6 Tips On Surviving As A Vegan

Being vegan in a meat-based society can be challenging. Nonetheless, this was something that you knew going in and which you obviously accepted. Perhaps that doesn’t offer you much consolation, but it does show that you already have killer inner strength. Of course going in you expected that others would be more open-minded and that food options would not be so limited. You also expected to have more certainty about choosing this lifestyle. Right about now, you probably need some tips on how to exist in this new life, a way to deal with the negative opinions of others and a host of other things. So, here are 6 tips to help you do just that.

1. Focus on you – Before doing anything, you have to first find peace within. The decision to become vegan is a personal one. Focusing on what others expect or want from you only causes you to second guess yourself and lowers your self-confidence. So squash all of that and focus inward. Tune out the voices of others and tune into your higher self. Affirm your own desires.

2. Immerse yourself in vegan culture – For the most part, vegan culture is about creating a world of more compassionate individuals. Immersing yourself in such a culture can only improve your overall well-being. So subscribe to a vegan magazine, deepen your commitment by maybe exploring a raw food diet, take a yoga class or two or more. You’ll discover that immersing yourself in this way improves your life in ways unimaginable.

3. Create and share a kick-butt vegan dish – This will boost your confidence and it will also come in handy as an icebreaker, conversation piece and way to educate others on veganism at gatherings.

4. Start a blog – Blogs are a useful resource for information-sharing and connecting with other like-minded and knowledgeable individuals. Having a network of like-minded, vegan friends will make the transition so much easier. You’ll have a much needed support system and veteran vegans are a very useful resource for food options. With a blog you can expand your knowledge of veganism while making some new friends.

5. Educate others – “Teacher teach thyself.” By educating others about veganism you in turn educate yourself. I’ve learned way more from researching answers to questions that others have asked me about veganism then I would’ve ever learned otherwise. You’ll never have all of the answers, but learning is always fun and in it you will always realize the benefit of personal growth.

6. Read – Whether you buy books from online or at a bookstore or just read random articles just be sure to keep reading. The more you read, the more you know and the more you know the more you grow. Today, there is a wealth of information about veganism as it is becoming more and more popular. So take advantage of your impeccable timing. When I transitioned over 14 years ago, there wasn’t nearly this much information around.

By Laura