8 Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals For You to Enjoy

Many people believe being vegetarian means mealtime requires lots of money, hard-to-find ingredients and too much spare time. These easy vegetarian meals will show you just how easy it can be to eat vegetarian.

Easy vegetarian meal #1: Vegetable soup


½ tin diced tomatoes 3 teaspoons vegetable stock ½ cup chopped mushroom ½ cup chopped celery ½ cup chopped broccoli ½ cup chopped carrot ½ cup chopped potato 4 cups water

Boil broccoli and potato until slightly soft. Combine all ingredients and simmer for 20 minutes.

Easy vegetarian meal #2: Mango smoothie


1 medium-sized mango ¾ cup soy milk (or other choice of milk)

Blend mango and soy milk until a smooth consistency is achieved. Ice cubes can be added.

Easy vegetarian meal #3: Mini bread pizzas


4 slices of bread 4 large chopped mushrooms 4 chopped cherry tomatoes 4 teaspoons corn kernels 8 halved olives 8 halved sundried tomatoes 8 tablespoons hommus 8 tablespoons tomato paste

Spread 2 tablespoons of hommus and tomato paste on each slice of bread. Spread 1 large chopped mushroom, 1 chopped cherry tomato, 1 teaspoon of corn kernels, 2 halved olives and 2 halved sundried tomatoes on each slice of bread. Cook in oven on high (approximately 200° Celsius) for 15-20 minutes.

Easy vegetarian meal #4: Wraps


1 wrap (such as corn bread wrap) ¼ cup alfalfa sprouts ¼ cup beetroot slices ¼ cup grated carrot ¼ cup tomato slices ¼ cup cucumber slices ¼ cup soft tofu (optional) 2 teaspoons vegetarian mayonnaise

Place all ingredients (except mayonnaise) on wrap in a small strip. Pour mayonnaise over ingredients. Roll the wrap up firmly.

Easy vegetarian meal #5: Snack pinwheels


1 wrap (such as corn bread wrap) 1 vegetarian hot dog ½ cup baby spinach ½ cup pineapple pieces 1 teaspoon basil 2 tablespoons tomato paste 2 tablespoons vegetarian cream cheese or hommus

Spread tomato paste and vegetarian cream cheese/hommus all over wrap. Chop vegetarian hot dog into small pieces. Evenly spread hot dog pieces, baby spinach, pineapple pieces and basil over the wrap, leaving approximately 2cm strips at each end of the wrap. Roll the wrap tightly, using the 2cm at the end with paste on it as a “glue” to hold the wrap together. Cook in oven on high (approximately 200° Celsius) for 20 minutes. Cut wrap into slices approximately 1.5cm thick.

Easy vegetarian meal #6: Chips/wedges


2 large potatoes 1 teaspoon vegetable stock 1 teaspoon paprika 1 tablespoon basil

Chop potatoes into pieces roughly the size of wedges or chips. Place into a rectangular take-away container and spray with a small amount of olive/vegetable oil. Add vegetable stock, paprika and basil to potatoes. Close lid on container and shake well enough so that flavours have spread evenly over the potatoes. Cook in oven on high (approximately 200° Celsius) for 30 minutes.

Easy vegetarian meal #7: Vegetarian burgers/sandwiches


2 slices of bread 1 lentil pattie 2 slices of beetroot ¼ cup alfalfa sprouts ¼ cup grated carrot 2 slices of tomato 2 slices of cucumber 2 teaspoons tomato sauce

Place lentil pattie on 1 slice of bread. Add other ingredients (except tomato sauce) on top of pattie. Spread tomato sauce over top, and place second slice of bread on the sandwich. Can be cooked in oven on high (approximately 200° Celsius) for 15-20 minutes (optional).

Easy vegetarian meal #8: Spinach and tofu salad


2 cups baby spinach ½ cup firm cooked tofu ½ cup grated carrot 2 teaspoons sesame seeds 2 teaspoons lemon juice (or dressing of choice)

Place baby spinach in a bowl. Add sesame seeds and mix well to ensure seeds have spread evenly among the baby spinach leaves. Add grated carrot, tofu and lemon juice (or other dressing) and mix again. Refrigerate (spinach salad should be served cold).

By Laura