Affordable Foods for Christmas: Vegetable Mincemeat

Do you like eating mincemeat?

Have you eaten the one filled with meat or the one filled with veggies and fruits? A lot of people may have already forgotten how their first mincemeat tasted like. Many people on the other hand, can’t tell whether their first mincemeat contained pure meat products or veggies and fruits. Obviously, the traditional mincemeat recipe contained lean beef, veal, beef suet, and even pork fat. However, by the mid-20th century, people have become more aware of the benefits of eating vegetables and fruits, or having them part of traditional recipes. Only recently have recipes included dried fruits, chopped apples, fresh fruit citrus peels and spices.

So what kind of recipes are you going to prepare for Christmas?

A lot of people have different preferences as to the type of foods or treats they want for Christmas. Most go by the taste of the foods, then secondly, the price. A few others go for aesthetic looks, while many are more concerned about how the foods they eat may impact their health.

The Taste Factor

Do you think meat taste different than the vegetable alternatives? Many people may quickly tell if a product is made of pure meat, or mixed with vegetables and fruits. Needless to say, meat products have a distinct taste, which people prefer. However, a shift in consciousness in the past few decades has introduced vegetables and fruits into the taste equation. Several ingredients nowadays complement the taste of veggies into different recipes that previously included meat.

The Price Equation

Which is more expensive, meat or vegetable? Depending on your location, most vegetables and fruits are cheaper and easier to gather than several meat products. The price of meat has risen in the past few years, while most vegetables and fruits are still within every family’s budget.

The Aesthetics

Meat products, like ham, venison, and veal, as well as several pork and beef parts may not look as pleasant as the assortment of minced fruits and vegetables. However, when mixed with tomato sauce or perhaps mushroom soup, some meat products look overwhelmingly sumptuous.

The Health Impact

According to research, many meat products contain concentrated amounts of protein and cholesterol. In many cases, artery-clogging fat present in meat may pose a great health risk. Vegetables and fruits on the other hand, contain a lesser amount of protein and cholesterol. These amazing foods also contain fiber which can help in cleansing the body from harmful toxins.

By Laura