Becoming a Vegan Eater

Have you decided to give up animal products and become a vegan? Where to begin? How you start may depend on your type of veganism. Dietary vegans avoid eating animal products, often due to health concerns. Ethical vegans shun utilizing animal products in all forms, including clothing (such as leather goods and shoes).

Changing your diet can be quite stressful at first. Eating provides nutrition and a sense of fullness but also well-being and comfort. Suddenly removing many familiar foods may feel overwhelming. Yet you may also quickly discover a renewed sense of energy and wellness. Vegetarians may find the process of transitioning into veganism easier than meat eaters.

Dietary vegans may want to move gradually into a new regime. Making one meal consistently vegan, such as breakfast, may ease the conversion. Mark Bittman, food author, eats vegan up until dinner. Also, deciding to make the shift for just 30 days, instead of permanently, takes some pressure off. These methods may ensure a more successful strategy for those somewhat reluctant to convert.

Ethical vegans may feel more strongly about their convictions and therefore might choose the cold turkey method. In this case, choose a day, even tomorrow, to start. The first day or two will likely be more difficult for the sudden starters than the gradual ones. You might end up really hungry at first.

Spending some time preparing food ahead is the trick to veganism. If you want to eat healthy food, not just processed vegan food, you need to organize a little. Having foods on hand before you start is key, as your appetite may increase at first. Your body will feel different as you adjust to your new diet. Surprisingly, you may feel like you are eating more often but losing weight. You may also not overeat as before.

Here are some ways to get started:

Cut up melons into chunks and store in the refrigerator. If you get hungry, you will have something to grab quickly.

Bake a few sweet potatoes. They are packed with nutrition and will fill you up.

Always have salad fixings on hand. Eating a large salad every day is a great way to improve your health.

Plan dinners ahead of time. By the end of the day, your appetite may have increased. Having recipes and their ingredients ready will help you create healthy meals quickly.

Adapting to a vegan diet may seem daunting at first, but you will likely discover the benefits make it worthwhile. Remember that the first day, especially, is the hardest. Once a few days have passed, your body will adjust to your new routine.

By Laura