Becoming Vegan – The No-Lose Way to Save the Planet

What makes vegan living such a no-lose situation? Who are the big winners?

Big Winner # 1: You.

Want better health? Want lower cholesterol levels? Well, your eyes have landed in the right place. Vegans easily avoid elevated cholesterol levels often associated with eating animals. This is because vegan foods are naturally cholesterol free. Animal products are the only dietary source of cholesterol for humans. Put another way, animal products are a cholesterol delivering monopoly that vegans simply choose to boycott. In case you haven’t heard, our bodies don’t need any extra cholesterol in the first place.

Big Winner # 2: Animals.

Vegan living is a vote that counts against the mistreatment of animals. Let’s be honest, boycotting companies that stink always feels like the right thing to do. What stinky companies am I talking about? I’m talking about factory farms that cramp animals tightly in cages and then slaughter them in ways that are blatantly inhumane.

We all know that animals can sense danger and feel pain. We all know that the production methods at factory farms are cruel and completely unnecessary. The great thing about the vegan lifestyle is that it allows you to take action in a positive direction, every time you eat. If you are already vegan, then you know how good it feels to be investing in cruelty-free food on a daily basis.

Big Winner # 3: The Environment.

There’s a reason why animal product production stinks. It is massively polluting our planet. I’m talking about pollution on a scale so big that the only play factory farms can make is to sweep it under the rug and pray that the majority of people never find out.

Guess what? It’s too late for them. They’ve had there day under the radar. In 2006, the Food and Agriculture Organization for the United Nations released a report confirming that 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions measured in carbon dioxide equivalent come from the livestock sector.

The report also confirmed that this is a higher percentage than transport. Talk about a global warming conversation changer… Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “You can’t be a meat eater and be an environmentalist at the same time.” I couldn’t agree more.

By Laura