Build Muscle Strength – With Proper Weight Lifting, Nutrition, Rest and Body Stretching

Weight Lifting

Strength training offers the best way to build muscle strength. Building muscle very effectively will require proper body condition and great care to avoid injury during the process. Your best posture for strength training would be to keep your head and neck relaxed, contract your stomach muscles toward your spine and keep your hips and shoulders in a stacked condition. While weight lifting ensures that you bend your elbows and knees, as you will need to lift sufficiently heavy weight to succeed in your efforts. Most people reach a level of stagnation by the ninth round of the repetition.


Most people tend to overlook the grave importance of nutrition in building up their stamina, vigor and fitness overall. Remember, nutrition has a major role in your overall health and body stability. How would you imagine that your body could build muscle mass without protein and burn calories and fat without carbohydrates after the workout? The best way to work for a lean body mass is to have your meal one hour before the workout and then again half an hour after the workout. At these times, the body hungrily converts the carbohydrates into energy without allowing it to build fat.

Rest and Relaxation

Most people are unaware how important rest and relaxation are in muscle-building. Between workouts, you must take a rest of at least 30 seconds to 1 minute between each set of exercises. It would be best for you to provide a 48 to 72 hour break after every full session of weight lifting to allow your damaged muscle tissues to repair and recuperate before you start on the next exercise session. Never make the mistakes of challenging the same muscle group twice in a row on consecutive days. However, give them sufficient time for self-recuperation. Sporadic rest periods and a good night’s sleep everyday are paramount to maintaining your overall health and gaining muscle strength. While lifting weights, you must develop a regime of going to bed early and getting that eight hours sleep that will stand you in good stead in the future.


Most weight lifters never consider the relevance and importance of stretching their bodies after strenuous workout. Post workout, when your blood flow experiences maximum stimulation, the body flexibility is at its highest range. Stretching at this time will help in healing as well as in avoiding the muscle sores.

Worthwhile Supplements

While many of the supplements that are brazenly advertised, are spurious and offer no good solution to weightlifters for building muscle strength, some of the supplements that are worth considering are protein supplements in the form of snack bars or shakes. Glutamine is another amino acid supplement that has a positive result in bodybuilding.

By Laura