Concerned About Global Warming? Go Vegan

Everyone by now has heard of global warming. We have all heard about the green house gases, and there devastating effect on our planet. Our planets temperature is rising, polar ice caps are melting, mass extinctions, and extreme weather is everywhere.

Carbon dioxide is the gas we all here about and true it is a big one. Cars, factories, plants, and aerosols are the big culprits involved with carbon dioxide mucking up the ozone. But there are a couple more little talked about or mentioned gases that are really doing major damage to the ozone. They are nitrous oxide and methane.

Methane: The Gas No One Talks About

The biggest source of methane comes from livestock. Cattle, chickens or any other animals crammed into these gigantic industrial farms produce massive amounts of the gas methane. These animals are having a huge effect on our planet. The United Nations has said the emissions from the livestock sector exceeded the carbon dioxide equivalent by 18 percent, as reported in the NY Times. That’s a lot of damage to the ozone.

Methane is a more dangerous gas than carbon dioxide by a long shot. So not only do we need to stop driving SUV’s, we also need to stop and lower our animal consumption. Our biggest contributor to methane comes from our food. Your first step needs to be cutting back on the animal food you eat. Once you have that under control, you can attack other areas of your lives.

How do you go vegan?

One thing you can certainly do is jump right into it. That’s what I did, but some people choose to do it gradually. That’s OK too. One thing to do is keep in mind why you are doing it. It’s easier to turn a burger if you know why. Look at it as you doing your part to save the planet. It might be tough at first but there are plenty of good recipe books out there. It’s not like it used to be, where you had to hunt down books in dusty libraries Now you can type in vegan recipes on Google and get ton of answers. You can even search for recipes my ingredient.

You might have some detox symptoms but they will pass. You will be all right. Very soon, you will find that you love the food and it was all worth it.

By Laura