In this comprehensive guide to concealment clothing, you’ll learn about the different clothing types available to concealed carriers. Learn about the importance of concealable pants and shirts and how to pick the fitting undershirt for your needs. Whether you need a long-sleeved shirt or a simple t-shirt, you’ll find the best clothing for the job here.


Shirts for concealed carry have a variety of advantages, including a comfortable fit and a high level of protection. While a casual shirt is ideal for daily wear, a holster shirt provides a more discreet way to conceal a firearm. Many well-known tactical apparel companies offer the best clothes for concealed carry explicitly made for concealed carry. Many of these shirts even feature Hawaiian print fabric. In addition, they solve many of the problems associated with concealed daily carry.

Many men and women alike wear concealable carry shirts to feel safe and covertly protect their firearms. Unlike traditional concealed carry vests, concealable shirts are virtually invisible. Inconspicuous, camouflage or other patterns on the shirt and gun cannot be seen. These shirts are easy to conceal and look fabulous with dress slacks or shorts. Shirts for concealed carry are an essential part of any concealed carry outfit.


There are many advantages to concealing carry pants. Not only are they easy to conceal, but they also look good! You can carry a firearm in these pants without attracting unwanted attention. The variety of styles is astounding, and they are available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and weights. 

Concealed carry pants are essential, including being safe and discreet when carrying a firearm. These pants allow you to conceal a firearm, but they can also be worn as regular pants. Many people prefer them because they can remain undetected even when wearing other clothes. These pants are designed with safety and versatility in mind, so you can rest assured that you’ll never be in danger.


If you’re looking for a comfortable concealable way to wear your pistol, an undershirt for concealed carry may be suitable. They are designed to fit inside the waistband or ankle holsters and provide another option. In addition, these shirts are made for right-handed shooters and are made of durable material to withstand the weight of your pistol.

Many manufacturers have developed casual shirts for concealed carry, as well. Some are even available in Hawaiian print. The shirts solve many problems with concealed carry while maintaining a simple appearance. You can easily transition from everyday wear to concealed carry by using an undershirt. Then, you’ll be well on your way to concealed carry. And don’t worry – the transition shouldn’t be hard since plenty of undershirts are available on the market that solves the problems.

Shirts with sleeves

Shirts with sleeves for concealed carry are a great way to conceal your sidearm while maintaining the appearance of regular clothing. Unlike the traditional carry shirt, they are comfortable and made with deep holster pockets. These shirts can accommodate various weapons, from a pistol to a shotgun. In addition, you can choose a variety of styles and colors.

One of the most popular holster shirts is the 5.11 tactical men’s Compression Base Layer Concealed Carry Shirt. Made of polyester and spandex, it has mesh shoulder straps that distribute weight evenly. In addition, the shirt has spacious pockets, making it easy to conceal a firearm, a cell phone, and magazines. A few designs are available for left-handed shooters, including the Concealed Carry shirt. It features two holsters, one under each shoulder, and reinforced seams.

Shirts with ruffles

Shirts with ruffles are excellent choices for concealed carry. These ruffled shirts are fitted through the upper body but flare out toward the waistline, making it easy to reach your firearm. Ruffled shirts also have practically no printing, making them the perfect choice for concealed carry. Whether you carry your firearm in a jacket or holster, you’ll be able to see the gun without a hoodie, and it can be worn with a camouflaged holster.

Shirts with ruffles for concealment can be as stylish as your wardrobe. Ruffles on the shirt can be a stunning detail and cover the gun print. Ruffled shirts can also be used to flatter your body type. Ruffled shirts are also suitable for church or grocery shopping. Just make sure that you choose clothing that flatters your body shape. 

Shirts with tucks

Concealed carry shirts are a necessity for every gun owner. These shirts provide the proper protection while minimizing printing. The shirts should be comfortable to wear while concealing your firearm. Therefore, it is essential to understand how to use your concealed carry shirt safely. You must know what type of shirt to buy and what materials to look for. In addition to fabric and style, you should consider the purpose of concealment before you purchase.

Tucks on a shirt allow the firearm to be placed in a pocket, making the concealment easier. Tie-front shirts create a pocket at the waist where you can slip your firearm. Tie-front shirts can be either high or tight so that the firearm will sit comfortably in the pocket. Tucking the shirt will reduce its risk of riding up over your waistband.

By Laura