Green Soup – Tasty Vegan Favorite

This simple vegan recipe takes only one taste to become a favorite. I was instantly impressed. But when my young boys started asking for it every day, I realized it was Web worthy.

We all know that green leafy vegetables are good for us. And some of us know that we should go organic. But many miss that the cooking process destroys much of the goodness and enzymes in our diet. At the same time, some raw vegetables can be harsh on the digestive system. There are certain acids that are only neutralized by slight cooking. So where is the happy medium?

This soup is! And it complements any simple grain. For a great lunch serve with toast, rice or quinoa. By increasing the basil content and adding pine nuts, we have even used it as a pesto sauce for spaghetti!

You will need a blender or food processor. This soup is versatile so you can choose your own favorite vegetables. For optimal health, it is best to alternate leafy greens each week. Continually using the same greens can have adverse effects over time. Below is a basic recipe for one or two servings.

1-cup water

4 leaves dinosaur kale or chard

10 leaves spinach

5 leaves fresh basil

10 stalks of fresh cilantro

Half an avocado

1-tablespoon miso

A squeeze of lemon

Salt to taste

Wash all leaves. Cut spines out of the kale or chard, chop finely and keep aside. Cut all leaves into manageable sized pieces and put in blender. This recipe is time sensitive so have all other ingredients ready in blender before boiling the chopped stalks.

Bring water to a rapid boil. Add chopped stalks. Time this. After no more than 3 minutes, pour water and boiled stalks into blender with all the other ingredients. Make sure blender lid is secure and your starting speed is low. I do this daily without incident but still advise caution. Sudden pressure, hot water, and a very full blender could potentially erupt. Slow start is the key. Speed can be raised once ingredients are under control.

Once you get comfortable with this you will come up with your own favorite variations. A spoon of sesame tahini or some raw, soaked nuts add strength and richness! Other fresh herbs may be a delightful addition. For thicker soup, you can add root vegetables at the cooking stage. Just keep them finely chopped. The blending process will take care of everything else! If you want to make it elegant, save out the cut cilantro and freckle over the steaming bowl of soup before serving. A sprinkle of paprika adds a finishing touch.

By Laura