How To Tell Your Boss You Are a Vegan

If you work in a big company or even in a small cafe, chances are, you are going to get invited into a business dinner meeting, and specially during Christmas time, where a whole bunch of non vegans gather around. Now, of course you want to make a good impression and fit into the crowd, but how would you do that when out of all the dinner they are serving, you can only find a salad and the rest is vegan.

How would you deal with this situation?

I’m going to show you some tips you can apply into this scenario which are going to help you deal with this situation.

The first tip would be to tell your boss you are a vegan beforehand so he or she might consider to put more veggies on the table. Now don’t feel embarrassed about telling your vegan lifestyle to your boss because really two things can happen, either they put more veggies on the table or not.

Of course you want to tell he/she in a good manner. If there is not too much trust between you, try bringing up the subject in a subtle way so it won’t look like you are making a request specially for you.

You can bring up the subject by making some comments about how you tried this vegan pasta or soup and how it can bring some variety to the table. Again you have nothing to lose.

Now my next tip should only apply when you just didn’t have any other choice but to get the salad and people start looking at you weird. First, stand tall and don’t let the weird look of your co-workers intimidate you. Then if someone asks about why you are just getting the salad, tell them you are a vegan but do not go into a debate about the benefits and how great this diet is. Just keep it simple and straight to the point.

I hope this tips give you some confidence when dealing with this type of situation and remember that what others say, should not matter to you in any way. Is very easy for people to judge but not many step up to the plate.

So stand tall my friend, you are in the good path to health.

By Laura