Microblading is a great way to improve your eyebrows. Eyebrows are a huge part of your makeup and can significantly affect your entire face. Whether you have thin, uneven, or bushy brows, microblading can help you achieve your desired look.

Avoiding Retinoids

Before your microblading procedure, avoid specific skin treatments and medications. For example, avoid applying topical creams containing retinoids or glycolic acid if you are on blood-thinning drugs like aspirin. Also, avoid using AHA products for two weeks before your microblading procedure.

You are avoiding retinoids before microblading is crucial for healing. The skin is known to thin and itch when exposed to retinoids. Therefore, avoiding retinoids before your microblading surgery is essential since this therapy demands a clean, unblemished region. In addition, you should prevent exfoliation products for two weeks before your system to ensure the skin is healthy.

Retinol can accelerate the process of discoloration, which means the pigment will fade faster. Retinol can also cause the microblading procedure to last for a shorter period.

Avoiding Sunbathing

You should avoid the sun for at least four weeks following microblading Long Island NY. After that, you can protect your microblading by wearing a hat and sunscreen.

Unbelievably, sun exposure can damage the microblading’s ability to stay in place. The pigment can quickly fade when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Because of this, it is advised to limit sun exposure for four weeks. It is advised to avoid the sun for the first two weeks entirely. If being outside is unavoidable, I advise wearing a hat that can block the sun. If you are outdoors after the first two weeks (wait until all the scabs have fallen off if you are still scabbing after two weeks), you can apply sunscreen to your eyebrows. To be safe, it is nevertheless advised to wear a hat.

Avoiding Blood Thinners

If you’re considering microblading, consult your physician. Some blood thinners can interfere with the procedure. You should not take these medications within three days of your appointment.

Blood thinning medications can cause excessive bleeding, bruising, and swelling, which can make pigment unable to stick correctly. Avoiding blood thinners can ensure your procedure goes smoothly. While many people are familiar with aspirin, this painkiller isn’t a blood thinner, so it’s important to avoid taking it 48 hours before the procedure. Also, avoid caffeine, green tea, and energy drinks before your appointment.

Another important tip is to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and other substances that may irritate the skin before your procedure. This includes aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, fish oil, or omega-3 fatty acid supplements. It would help if you also refrained from tanning, sunburning, or exercising a week before your appointment. It would help if you also refrained from taking alcohol for eight to fourteen days before work.

Avoiding Antibiotics

If you are considering a microblading procedure, you must follow the proper precautions to protect your new brows. For instance, it is advisable to avoid antibiotics for seven days before your appointment. You should also avoid taking any medications that affect blood clotting.

By Laura