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Healthy Image Hair Design and Massage Therapy was established in 1996. We believe we all make a difference, so you might as well make a Great difference!! Be the change! Let peace begin with self!! Let love be your guide!

Healthy Image Hair & Massage and Healthy Image Massage Therapy (also known simply as “Healthy Image”) was started by owner Mary (Marabella) DiBlasi in July of 1996. It was leap year and time to take a Leap of Faith to open Healthy Image Hair Design & Healthy Image Massage Therapy! All doors opened! It was a miracle.

We believe when you’re on the right path in life and doing what the Creator wished for you, the desire will be planted in your heart, the passion will drive your soul and the compassion to be of service to your fellow beings will follow.

This was the birth of Healthy Image Hair & Massage. The connection to self and others, we are truly one. We began our 13th year in 2008. It’s been an experience that was full of growth, healing, lessons, challenges and a lot of BLISSFUL joy! It’s been a true privilege to help others with their life’s journey. We help our clients build healthy self-esteem through their personal healing and above all, we help everyone to look and feel their best from the inside out! Attitude is everything. Think positive! Live well! Be well!

We want Healthy Image to be a safe, healthy environment that encourages people to speak freely and to have the opportunity to experience “natural healing” from with in. Alternative Health Care includes: Massage Therapy, Hydro Therapy, Salt Glow skin treatments, Neuro Muscular Massage Therapy Treatments… all of which help to maintain a healthy balance and good health naturally. As the creator intended: Wellness!

Breathe!! The first lesson is to consciously breathe, from the belly, as babies do.. not just with the chest, but let the lower lungs fill, as well and the belly will rise. It is good to bring oxygen to the body; it provides meditation and helps to relax. We offer Infant Massage instructions for parents.

Sing! When we sing, the sound vibrates different frequencies throughout our bodies, allowing all of the blockages to be free! It allows better circulation and provides good energy.  Make sounds, such as Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La Ti, Do – just like we learned in music class as kids. We offer Solfeggio Body Tuning session and Zither Harp sessions, by request. Dance! Our bodies are meant to move freely in space! Flow easily, as the wind! Keep Moving! We offer stretches that assist with range of motion, along with our massage sessions. Live Life Out Loud! Follow your happiness! Be Well!

At Healthy Image Hair and Massage, we listen and we care! We empower! We believe we are all pieces of the glorious puzzle of the life, let’s be connected through body, mind and spirit. Mary DiBlasi is available to facilitate Drum Circles, Labyrinth Walks, Self-Esteem and Gratitude Circles by request. Call 614-433-0200. All are welcome! It’s a way to connect with nature and each other. Community. No experience necessary. Just be willing to explore!

We also offer in-service chair massage at corporate events, showers and small parties by request. Call 614-433-0277. We believe the impact of our decisions now will effect future generations. We strive to make a good impact.


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