International Vegan and Vegan Inns

Are you a vegetarian or vegan who yearns to find accommodations that provide veggie-friendly meals? During your world travels, it is quite possible to find inns that cater to your special dining needs. Vegetarians and vegans have specific concerns when they travel. One of these concerns is their accommodations. Will there be enough meal options at their hotel? If that is not the case, then will cafes or restaurants close by have a veggie-friendly a menu? Many hotels, inns and B&Bs have restaurants on site. However, they do not usually serve vegan meal options.

Vegan travelers need not worry! What many people do not realize is that there are indeed many inns and bed and breakfasts that are specifically for vegetarians and vegans! These vegan-friendly inns can be found all across the globe. They provide vegetarian or vegan meals for their guests. Vegan muffins or tofu scramble is typically provided for breakfast. The on site cafes offer a veggie-friendly menu for lunch and dinner. The vegetarian B&Bs usually serve vegan meals upon request without a problem.

In the spirit of their animal-loving environment, even the bedding in the guest rooms consists of non-animal products.

The vegetarian and vegan inns are located across the United States, Canada, Europe, South and Central America, Ghana, and parts of Asia. Even in some remote parts of the world, one may find a vegan inn. There are quite a few from which to choose during your vacation! Vegan travel is easier than you may think!

The EBook “How To Travel The World As A Vegan” shares lots of valuable travel tips for vegans and vegetarians, along with useful information on the veggie-friendly dining scene in each continent!

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By Laura