Like Fine Wine

Where does this expression come from, and does it apply to CBN?

Aged like fine wine is a complimentary turn of phrase, meaning that things in life get better with age. As things age, they become older, wiser, smarter, and more experienced. It’s a positive promise of improvement in an area of humanity people often dread – our mortality. But there is more than one meaning to this phrase and actual historical and physical proof as to why cultures around the world have come to embrace such a philosophy. There are various products created from extracting aged chemical compounds that embody this turn of phrase, such as CBN.

CBN is the cannabinoid most associated with what happens when THC ages and begins to break down. This aging process is great for those that enjoy the positive health benefits such as pain relief, restful sleep, and addiction that can be directly attributed to cannabinoid extractions like CBN, without overt intoxication. CBN products present users with all the benefits and none of the wooziness of the chemical compound THC.

Aside from wine, bourbon, and apparently humans, there are many other things that age well over time, such as: cheese, jeans, cast iron skillets, beef, balsamic vinegar, fine leather, pickles, flannel sheets, and seedlings.

By Laura