The most popular surgical procedures are usually oriented toward women. For example, breast or buttock augmentation. However, men also have medical advances at their disposal, enabling them to have a happier and more fulfilling life. Those who suffer from baldness opt for the DHI hair transplant to recover hair, not only on the top of the head but also the mustaches and beard. In cases where this medical procedure is not feasible, men can opt for the FUE hair transplant to achieve the manly image they want. The chubbier ones can undergo liposculpture processes in the same way women do. Even men who do not feel comfortable with the size of their penis may choose an operation that allows them to enlarge it using fat from their bodies.

Advances in the fight against prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the leading cause of death in men. The problem is that the prostate contains cancer cells from birth, they just don’t develop quickly unless some external element causes it. Men have access to new types of tests that detect the appearance of this cancer earlier. In these cases, the urologist recommends the use of drugs that slow down the generation of cancer cells. If cancer has advanced too far, the prostate can be removed with a simple and quick process that only requires a couple of holes through which the doctor inserts what he needs to cut out the prostate and remove it. A man without a prostate does not produce hormones such as testosterone, so he must take it in the form of pills. This allows him to lead a healthy life, with the same effects on his body as if he had a prostate.

Advances that improve male fertility

Discovering infertility can destroy a man’s self-esteem in a matter of minutes. Because it is often a matter of “floppy sperm”, doctors can collect some and insert them directly into the woman’s egg. In other cases, a man can become more fertile by making changes in his diet and exercise routine. Very rarely a man is declared infertile beyond any possibility. For those men who do not want to become fathers or who no longer want to have children, vasectomy is the best option. It is such a simple procedure that it can be performed in one day and the man does not need to stay at rest. In a world where men take care of their image, it is important for them to count on medical advances to take care of their health.

By Laura