Organic Shiraz Wines – Wines to Try From Around The World

Shiraz, or Syrah as it is also called, is a dark-skinned grape grown throughout the world and used primarily to produce strong-bodied red wines. It’s a very popular grape – in 2004, Shiraz was estimated to be the world’s 7th most grown grape.

Red wines made from Syrah are usually powerfully flavored and full-bodied. The variety produces wines with a wide range of flavor notes, depending on the climate and soils where it is grown, as well as other viticultural practices chosen. Therefore, not even all organic red wines made with Syrah grapes are alike.

Take Mas de Janiny Syrah for example. This full-bodied French Syrah varietal which has been made with organic grapes is elegant and complex, with aromas and flavors of red fruits, violet, spices and leather. It is aged in oak barrels, which adds subtle and appealing vanilla notes to the silky texture to the wine. It’s unfined, unfiltered and vegan, making it suitable for almost everyone. A great Syrah, many say.

Compare it with another Syrah varietal, Pircas Negras Shiraz Organic from Argentina. This organic and vegan wine is described as having aromas of blackberry and lavender. On the palate, ripe and raspberry flavors are layered with nuances of pepper, rosemary and spice.

Even though both can be described as having spicy aromas, Mas de Janiny is clearly fruitier as Pircas Negras Shiraz has more flavors of berries. Both wines are high-quality, but very drinkable wines, so why not try them both and see which one you like more

Another popular organic Shiraz is the Syrah Ventura from Chile. It’s a wine with a deep red purple color, and it has aromas of anise, black pepper and black cherry. On the palate, boysenberry and raspberry expressions are interfaced with overtones of herbs and spice.

Again, we can see that Syrah has a spicy character, but depending on where and how it is grown and made into wine, it can develop very different aromas and flavors across the field of fruit, berries, herbs and even leather.

Whether or not you were familiar with organic Syrah wines before, it pays to give them a try if you like full-bodied red wines. Organically grown Shiraz grapes are usually strong and pure in taste, so you can get to know the real taste of these wines, not disturbed by any man-made chemicals.

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By Laura