Raw Food Is Complete Food – Transition Easily and Stride Toward Ideal Weight and Health Today!

Dr. Brian Clement, Ph.D., N.M.D., C.N., 30-year raw food advocate and Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute has been conducting daily clinical research testing, evaluating and proving the immense holistic health benefits of raw foods since a decade before I was born.

He says “Don’t live to eat, eat to live!” The phrase means something a little deeper than just consuming food in order to keep living. He’s pointing out the evident truth that when an individual makes the jump to a raw diet, in breaking their programmed inclinations toward fatty, starchy, cooked foods, they instantaneously attain the fervor to realize their full unique human potential.

It seems that as soon I educated myself enough to look past the common misconceptions concerning raw living and really immersed myself in the diet, everything I needed – physically, mentally, and even spiritually – fell into place so that I could strive toward my goals.

A couple supposed faults of a diet composed mostly of raw living foods include:

1.) Not enough protein.

The World Health Organization’s proposes that a sufficient daily protein intake for the average person lies around 32 grams, one can rest assured that if they consume any feasible amount of nuts and seeds they will fulfill their protein requirement.

Protein in nuts, seeds (and all plant-based foods for that matter) is invariably accompanied by the right quantity of fats (cholesterol-lowering polyunsaturated fats, I mean) and digestive enzymes. The natural, raw, delicious food that mother nature designed for your body contains the most bio-available protein in the world. When you eat even the most decadent, indulge-yourself type raw foods, the available nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and minerals alike are readily absorbed into the bloodstream to help nourish and revitalize you! Contrarily, when you eat a slab of red meat – famed to be oh so high in protein – your body wastes tons of energy just breaking it down to usable nutrient, most of which has been too altered by the cooking process to use. Why not give the body the nutrients it needs to thrive in a form it recognizes and utilizes with ease?

Just check out the photo galleries at – there’s no way those guys are protein deficient

2.) Not enough taste.

I’ll be the first to contend that even before a short 1-3day transition period – which makes things taste even better! – raw food is delicious. Nothing compares to the savory gush of a ripe watermelon. Once you’ve experienced the crunch of a raw flax seed cracker (yes, they make raw crackers!) covered in creamy smooth almond butter, you may never seek another snack food again! Best of all, both food articles are nutritious and guilt-free. But let’s say you’ve really got a sweet tooth, or you’re simply too much in love with the texture of your favorite cooked foods. Do you really have to sacrifice the familiar, intoxicating taste of lasagnas, burgers, cookies, cakes, and sundaes? The honest, no B.S. answer is No! Thanks to the innovative work of Philip McCluskey, the innovative “cook” who introduced me to raw foods and lost over 215 pounds indulging on his own delicious recipes, you can continue to enjoy the tastes and textures of things like tacos, pastas, and even fudge while reaping the incredible benefits of the diet nature intended for you!

I can truly attest to the raw power of raw foods! Tomorrow when I’m skydiving for my (late) 18th birthday present instead of struggling with my once unmanageable college-preparatory workload, I’ll be sure to thank the incredible energizing capabilities of raw food. They’ve toned my body and enhanced my mind and spirit to the point where I am no longer overwhelmed by life/society and may bask in the goodness of just being alive!

By Laura