Reasons to Eat Raw

We’ve all heard of vegan or vegetarian diets, but the idea of eating only fresh raw foods is a little more unique and less understood. Can you eat a healthy diet of all uncooked foods and why would you want to?

It goes without saying that fresh food is better. It holds more nutrients than stale food. You can carry that premise a little farther and included cooked food in there as well. Fresh raw food holds so many more nutrients than any food that has been subjected to high heat, and therefore it is better for your body.

Take a look at raw food versus its cooked state. Raw is usually brightly colored and has a crisp texture. On the other hand, cooked food is much duller in appearance and has become soft and little mushy. The difference is really pretty obvious.

High temperatures break down many active enzymes as well as some of the more delicate vitamins. Even proteins are damaged by high heat. Though experts haven’t agrees completely on the exact temperature that marks the point between raw and cooked, many will say that you should only eat foods that have been kept below 115F to 120F. That includes any processing before you purchase it.

Many people who have given up cooked food have found that their natural immune systems are improved and they stop getting colds and the flu every winter. Though the initial switch to raw can be hard on the digestive system at first, the added fibre can make your digestive processes work better with less indigestion or gas. Raw foods are naturally less processed and will have no salt and very little sugar. Chemicals and preservatives are also not part of the raw diet, so you’ll be free of those as well.

This may seem a little daunting and quite extreme but you will be surprised how many foods can be made without actually cooking them. You do not have to subsist on a diet of just fruit and raw vegetables. With a little ingenuity, you can create a large number of food creations that are all raw. A blended mix of raw dates, raw carob, nuts and honey can become a sweet piece of “fudge”, for example. It will take a little getting use to but you can learn a whole new way of preparing food.

Dehydrators are a great tool for a the novice raw foodie. Drying foods can create a crisp texture (for cookies and crackers) without having to actually heat up the food into the cooked territory. There are definitely some tricks you can learn to add plenty of variety to your potential menu.

Because food is not cooked, this also tends to be a vegetarian or even vegan diet since animal products are not usually eaten raw. This is another side-benefit from eating only fresh raw foods.

By Laura