Resistance Training Without Weights – Top 10 Body Weight Training to Build Muscles Fast Revealed!

Resistance training workouts are extremely beneficial for strengthening your skeletal muscles which consequently enhances your entire health. These workouts can be performed from the comfort and convenience of your home. There are various resistance-training workouts that doesn’t involve weight.

Top 10 Bodyweight Workouts

* Push-up: This workout is considered to be the most effective exercise for sculpting your upper body. Bodyweight workouts especially use the weight of your body to create resistance.

* Pull-up: This exercise main focuses your biceps.

* Chin-up: It is similar to pull ups, which can be performed for toning your shoulders.

* Crunches: You can comfortably lie in your back and perform this exercise. Crunches mainly focus your abdominal muscles.

* V -up: You should lie down in your back and try to form a V-shape by raising your legs and your head. This workout emphasizes your abs.

* Bridge: You should raise your body off the ground tightening your abs and hold for at least 30-40 seconds.

* Dips: This technique can sculpt your upper body with ease.

* Wall push-ups: This technique helps in developing your shoulders,chest and biceps.

* Walking lunges: One can easily tone up his or her quadriceps, hamstrings, glute and butt by performing this lower body workout.

* Step-ups: This simple exercise mainly emphasizes your thigh muscles.

You don’t have to visit a gym for performing the above workouts while good nutrition plays a major role in building muscles. You should have balanced diet and small meals daily for boosting metabolism and burning fats. Protein supplements should be easily included between your meals for maintaining the energy levels.

There are various equipments available in the market, which claims to tone up your body. Ab circle pro is one of the most effective ab machines, which employs a unique circular technology for shedding those extra fats from your belly, hips and thighs.

The role of Acai berry diet in burning fats is indispensable. This diet plan helps in boosting metabolism in our body, which consequently helps in shedding those extra fats. It also acts as a mood enhancing food.

By Laura