Secrets To A Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving

Vegans get just as excited about Thanksgiving as anybody else. It is a chance to visit with friends and family and a time to reflect on all they have to be thankful for. Thanksgiving, however, does pose some unique challenges for the vegan. Generally the dinner only consist of one meat dish or so, but many people do not realize the difference between veganism and vegetarianism so many time they prepare food that are not right for a vegan. Their hearts were in the right place, but vegans are very strict about their diets. Many people will try and prepare green beans but add butter or make rice but use chicken broth. Even that time honored dish, green bean casserole has dairy. Thinking about breaking out the quick easy cookbook? Read on to learn more about some vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

An incredibly simple yet tasty dish that you can present at your next thanksgiving feast is Thai Pumpkin Soup. Thai Pumpkin Soup involves a combination of pumpkin with a traditional spicy thai chili sauce that is very popular among vegan dishes. Add coconut milk to your mixture for the soup base. You can choose or allow your guests to select between adding large chunks of pumpkin or a puree version to deliver a creamier soup version.

A second delicious vegan alternative dish that involves pumpkin is a Roasted Pumpkin Salad. You begin by grilling some onions on your stove until caramelized. Cook your pumpkins to soften then up, and then add a simple dressing that you and your guests will enjoy. Stir the onions and pumpkin together and serve on top of some wild rice to color and enjoy!

You can also celebrate a vegan thanksgiving by preparing simple green beans. Simply add some dill or serve in a bowl with baked apples and brussel sprouts. There are several varieties of apples and brussel sprouts to choose from, in addition to several different methods to prepare these ingredients. Choose one that suits your fancy and your guests will be delighted with the novel dish.

There are many different vegan thanksgiving recipes available to try. With so many alternatives and choices available, no vegan guests will feel uncomfortable sitting at your dinner table. Vegans won’t mind not eating turkey if you can serve these simple and healthy alternatives for a vegan thanksgiving meal.

By Laura