If you need diagnostic radiology Middletown it helps to know what to look for in a practice. Undergoing imaging diagnostics can be stressful. Traditional MRIs are known to cause claustrophobic feelings, even in individuals who have not experienced these feelings in the past. Open MRIs can help ease the discomfort, but the noise and not knowing what to expect during the procedure can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. So what should you look for in a radiology practice?

Qualified Staff
The people who are performing your diagnostic tests should be trained, certified and experienced. They should be willing to explain the testing process to you. They can let you know what the diagnostic room is like, what to expect during the procedure and how long to expect the procedure to last.

In addition, skilled staff will have experience guiding other clients through the testing process and can provide valuable information you may not think to ask, such as leaving your jewelry at home, wearing clothes that are easy to slip into and out of, and if you should eat or drink before leaving the house.

Easy Access
Whether you are taking time off work to have a procedure performed, or need to arrange transportation, visiting a facility that has convenient hours, and is in an easy to access location make the process less stressful.

Prompt Diagnosis
A technician will probably be responsible for performing your test, but a medical doctor will read it and provide you with the results. With that in mind, you want to use a facility that provides quick turnaround and excellent communication between their techs and doctors. The quicker you get an official diagnosis, the quicker you can get to work on your recovery.

The need for an accurate diagnosis is the first step in healing your injury. Without this diagnosis, it can be difficult to develop an effective treatment plan. When choosing a facility, you want one with skilled technicians that are ready to work hard to get you back to 100 percent.

By Laura