Step by Step For Raw Vegan Weight Loss

There’s little doubt that choosing to eat a diet high in fresh fruits, vegetables along with some nuts and seeds is a powerful way to lose weight that does not require fasting or going on an extreme diet. In my personal life and practice I’ve seen the raw vegan diet help literally thousands of people realize their weight loss goals. The key is to know how to do it correctly and that’s why I’ve written this article.

These are the steps I recommend for people wanting to lose weight with raw vegan food:

Think about your weight loss goals, write them down and keep them somewhere where you can see them. This is important for motivation and for measuring your progress. Make your goals time oriented. 1 week, 1 month and six months.

Before changing your diet, take 3 days out and write down all of the food you eat and whether or not it is uncooked or not. Then use this record to determine how much of your diet is already based on fresh raw vegetables and fruits.

Once you know your percentage in step 2, you can start to add 10% more raw food each week until you achieve 90% raw food in your diet. For example, if you discover that you normally eat 60% raw food, next week aim for 70%, the following 80% and so on.

Don’t overlook this step – transitioning to a raw food diet slowly will help you avoid uncomfortable detox symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and irritable bowels.

When you’ve reached ninety to 100% raw foods, continue this for at least one month. My suggestion is that you only start weighing yourself to measure the results after you achieve this level of raw foods.

Your weight loss will be much easier and enjoyable if you learn how to make some great tasting raw food dishes. You don’t have to just eat bowls of salads and piles of fresh fruit. Of course, you can do this if you choose. But an alternative is to learn to make things like raw chocolate pudding, raw burgers, raw lasagna and raw nut milks.

It is possible to continue this diet for as long as you want. It is the diet I normally eat and I never have weight problems. As a point of reference, though, you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. If you want to lose more weight, my suggestion is to exercise more (yoga is great) and also to eat fewer fatty foods – like nuts and seeds.

By Laura