Ladies easily get bored with the same hairstyle for a long time, that’s the reason why hair salons are always full and most of the time, you need to go through a queue, which may even take hours. That usually happens when appointment and reservation is not offered because, if only they follow such systems, then all you have to do is to book online and get there when you know your time. But I guess, most owners prefer the traditional systems because they are used to it, but those who have upgraded surely catches most customers through online booking.

That’s the trend in Winnipeg, anyway, so if a person is getting a haircut or treatment, then she will have to first visit the site and log in to make a reservation. I guess, new customers may not be aware about such regulations, so they should be encouraged to go online, too, for a booking whenever they wanted a hairstyle or haircut, to avoid wasting time. Anyway, ladies can always adapt to these kind of changes in the salons because this is a place, which cannot be ignored because women can’t live without it.

A salon in Winnipeg often looks like a meeting place for ladies because they all rely on the skills of the stylists or hairdressers, and they will not even dare to come back, if the outcome turned out to be bad. But they are professionals in this field, so they can work on one’s transformation and will do their best to make the hairstyle that suits your personality or whatever the occasion is. Actually, by simply looking at photos or magazines, it seemed like their job is easy, but let’s say that they have magic hands and can always do different hair styles.

Personalized Tone

There is only one thing that runs in the minds of the professional stylists once they started working on your hair and that is, to satisfy their customers. This can be achieved through a personalized tone, which is ideal for ladies, who would like to get rid of the highlights, which you won’t just cover by applying a color on the hair as a whole. Check out to read more about the highlights.

Here, the shading has to start with the roots to give more details on the technique, called root shadowing. This will blend with the overall color naturally, so it will still look shiny and glossy. This actually sounds like experimental, but the color or tone has to be personalized.

Braided Chignon

Who says that braids are just for kids? Well, this is quite different because the style has to be quite undone to look better. I guess, doing this for kids will make them think that it is not tidy, but this is actually great for adults.

Here, you have to loosen the braid and do not mind the pieces that are falling out because that’s the purpose of having a chignon look. The low bun is still there, since it was wrapped through braids. This is a structure that can be created by the hands of your stylist.


If you are a fan of Miley Cyrus, then you would surely love the shag. Anyway, ladies, stop the drama and get off your bed, so you can start a fresh look.

Embrace upgraded shaggy style with shattered layer and textured styling. To make it more elegant, use a texturizing spray to give it a lift. This will give you a defined look that won’t worry your tresses that it might fall out.

Polished Pony

Another trend that will be up for the coming year is the polished ponytails – find out more about using ponytails. This pony will be moving up high and low to come up with a super sleek bow on your neck’ nape.

To achieve the style, you should not use a conditioner, but a mask after shampoo because this will add hydration. After securing the ponytail, you must use a spray on your brush and go through the pony until the end to stand out the smoothness.


Using headbands is not just for young girls, indeed, it has no age limit because this is a good way to express oneself and show her personality.

It is like a tiara, where you will find it decorated with various ornaments like pearls, jewels and other details. It will always look fantastic, especially when hair at the front is left with a half parting.

By Laura