The Vegan Diet – The Dark Side to Veganism

Most people quickly identified a vegan diet with great benefits, not only regarding your health but also spiritual benefits such as compassion to all living things. So what is the dark side to veganism?

Some people find it very difficult and challenging to adopt a vegan lifestyle and there are several reasons why they tend to fail. They have trouble finding accurate information but even worse, they do not feel capable of making those changes in their diet. Although it is definitely possible to overcome this difficulties, people also tend to fail because they do not receive enough support from their families, friends and they feel the environment takes a big toll on their failure too. They feel they cannot be vegan on a busy and fast pace life.

The biggest difficulty people have is giving up meat. This includes the most common such as beef, pork, chicken or turkey, but also meats such as fish, shrimp, ham, hot dogs and other similar foods. So for someone who always find him or herself going to place to place without another choice other than a fast food meal, this can be quite challenging indeed.

Others find it very difficult to give up dairy. With products such as milk, cheese, yogurt and even ice cream on a hot summer day, people find it hard to give those up because it has been part of their diet since they were kids, so that brings another challenge as well.

And some people don’t want to go as far as rejecting every product that may contain animal products such as leather, fur, silk. So if you are a person who loves fashion, this might also be a reason why adopting a vegan lifestyle is too hard.

You may ask, why is it so hard to give up those things? To me, It really comes down to our domestication as a child to believe certain myth about our diet that get really ingrained in our sub conscious. For example, with all the research about all the hormones, pesticides and chemicals they put on our food, and consciously know about the health danger this products cause to our bodies, wouldn’t be logical for everyone to become vegan?

If you really want to adopt this diet, then one of the biggest things you need to have is will power and commitment. Honor your word everyday about your commitment to the vegan lifestyle and compassion to all living things. You might fall, but if you do, then commit yourself again to your veganism and you will succeed.

I hope you have found this article to be useful in your quest for a better quality of life.

By Laura