The Vegan Diet – What to Do When Your Family Invites You for Dinner

Every year when the big holidays hit the calendar, such as 4th of July, Thanks Giving or Christmas, a huge dilemma comes to the mind of vegans… what am I going to eat?

This is a very common situation for every vegan, unless you are so lucky that you grew up in a family full of vegans, you will find this questions complicated to answer. After all, you are invited to have a family dinner and there is always the 20 pound turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, cookies, cake and salad. Out of every food there is, the salad is the only thing you can eat as a vegan and of course every single family member will look at you weird.

So how can we deal with this food situation when having dinner with the omnis? (non-vegan people)

What I have found to be very useful and makes the situation less stressful, is that I will call beforehand and tell the person in charge of organizing the dinner, about how I’m going to contribute with the family reunion and the food. I will tell him or her that I will be bringing some really good dishes to share at the table. Now whether you tell them its vegan, it’s up to you, but for me, I will not tell them that the food I’m bringing is vegan (of course this will only work if they do not know of your vegan lifestyle). In this way I’m making sure people would not start judging the food without trying it out first.

Bringing vegan food at your family reunions is a win-win situation because you are helping them with the food and also you would not feel deprive or isolated at the dinner table. Also your family members might be impress by how really good the food is without the need of dairy or meats, add vegan foods at future feasts, or even switch to vegan dishes over time, replacing the 20 pound turkey. This might open new doors in your relationship with them.

Now, if you are not a great cook and bringing food to your reunion is not a possibility, then you can say you are having dinner with your friends but will love to stop by after your dinner. Just make sure you are saying things in the right manner and your family members will not take it as a personal thing.

By Laura