Top 5 Vegan Dating Sites

Discover the top five vegan dating sites to find your future partner in a compassionate, cruelty-free lifestyle. There are hundreds, if not thousands of meatless sites for you. All of them have a single purpose, to help you meet other vegans near you. Filter out the best sites from the pack to enjoy the benefits of the best matching and search functionality on the web.

1. Vegan Passions

Vegan Passions is an online dating and social networking site specifically for meeting single vegans. In this site, chatting, message boards, and sending e-mails to other members are allowed for you to get to know other vegans better. This site is ideal for finding like-minded individuals with similar intentions, so you can have a great time and enjoy getting to know each other.

2. Veggie Date

Veggie Date is another top site exclusive for people on all kinds of meatless diets, including (but not limited to) vegans. On this site, you can meet single vegetarians and others to share everything about the diet and lifestyle with each other. Veggie Date also provides searches for people who enjoy eating exclusively organic raw foods with other raw vegetarians.

3. Vegan Dating

Vegan Dating is another one of the top vegan dating sites that provides opportunities to meet other compassionate singles all around the world. This site is a part of Dating Factory, a major online dating network. Extensive search criteria provide better and more specific search results. Once you become a member of Vegan Dating, you will instantly have access to millions of other members located all around the world.

4. VegConnect

VegConnect is an exclusive site that is 100% free of charge. Unlike other vegan dating sites, VegConnect does not charge you to send messages to other members. Single vegans can meet thousands of members from different places to slowly build supportive relationships. This may be a good place to get your feet site in the cruelty free dating world.

5. Veggie Connection

This site has been awarded as the best vegan dating site for finding a veggie soul mate by VegNews Magazine. In Veggie Connection, all kinds of vegetarian singles can meet and get to know each other. Vegetarians, raw food lovers, macrobiotic followers, and vegans can all be found on one site. You can find your lifetime partner on Veggie Connection, or find friends that you can talk to about everything having to do with a compassionate lifestyle.

Finding the one you will love through thick and thin for the rest of your life can be a huge undertaking. Your loved one should have the same values and lifestyles as you so you can form a connection on all levels. Developing a supportive system of positive people is vital to becoming vegan. You can develop friendly relationships, or better yet, a rewarding relationship that is even more than friends, with the top 5 vegan dating sites.

By Laura