Vegan Body Building Diet

As we all know, diet for body building requires a lot of protein, carbohydrates and fat in order to cater the body needs after heavy workouts. Most sources of protein can be found in meat, this goes the same for fat. This kind of diet is not suitable for vegetarians who wanted build muscle as they do not consume meat for their daily meal. However, this does not mean that vegetarians are not able to have all the nutrients that they need to build muscle by eating vegan food. Here are some tips for vegetarian’s diet in muscle building.

Seeds from pumpkins and squash have high content of protein. It is easy to prepare them; it can be done by roasting the seeds in the oven and serve them as snacks. In the serving of 100 gram, the seeds provide 33 gram of protein. Apart from that, dense vegetables can also be included in the diet, for instance beans, asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli. Consuming any of those vegetables in large quantity can provide you all the nutrients you need.

Peaches and figs contain 46 percent of protein in them and you can also try other fruits such as coconuts, dates, pineapples and pears as they also contain high percentage of protein and can be used to diversify you diet. Spreads made from yeast extract can be consumed as it is a good source of protein and vitamin B12. Peanuts and lentils can be included in the diet as they provide among the best nutrients for muscle building. It is best to take them raw especially lentils as it contains higher percentage of protein than cooked lentils.

The amount of protein in vegan food may not as massive as what you can found in meat but body building vegans can found the protein by taking supplements. There are a lot of supplements which can supply the nutrients that it takes for muscle building and one of them is whey protein supplement. Whey protein supplement provide good combination of amino acids for excellent performance as it helps in body building by assisting the muscle building as well as to reduce the muscle damages.

You see, vegans also have the option to build muscle. They don’t have to take meat for the proteins that they need. The nature has provided them enough sources of protein and apart from that, the advanced technologies available these days give no limits to anybody who wanted to fulfill their dreams.

By Laura