Vegan Diet Plan – A How-To Guide On The Vegan Diet Plan

If people live in an ideal world, then everyone would be eating fruits and vegetables the whole time. After all, they are staples in keeping a sound and healthy body, not to mention in weight maintenance or decrease as well. But alas, the allure of meat is a temptation far too tempting to resist. But then, vegetarians have already veggie products that do taste like meat, so going vegetarian is a growing trend. For dieters who recognize the power of vegetables in keeping a person’s weight low and body healthy, here are some vegan diet plan tips.

In preparing a diet plan for a vegan, it must be understood anything related to animal products is avoided. That includes dairy, meat, dairy, and anything animal related. Whatever nutrition that will be missed due to meat and animal by-products can be substituted through other foods that a vegan enjoys – fruits, vegetables soy and grains.

To make it clearer, a vegan avoids the following, and therefore must be off a vegan diet plan:

• The primary no-no, meat that includes red and white meat – pork, chicken, beef, pork and even seafood

• Vegans avoid dairy since it is an animal by-product. Milk can come from cows or goats, which are obviously animals, which is why they are banned. Milk, cheese, butter, and any other products containing them are not allowed.

• Eggs, as they come from fowl such as chicken, turkey, quail, etc. are not allowed. Because they come from chickens, eggs are off limits for vegans, as well as vegetarians.

Two products may catch one’s surprise as no-nos for vegans:

• Gelatin products are banned in a vegan diet as horse and animal hoofs are included in men the product’s gelatinization process.

• Sweeteners such as white sugar (because sugar refinement includes a process wherein sugar passes through bone marrow) and honey (which comes from bees, although some argue that they are a natural products and no bees are harmed in the process) are not allowed.

Alternatives for these products for a diet plan for vegetarians include:

• Vegi-meat, bean curd, nuts and grains are good sources of protein and approximate the taste of meat.

• Soymilk, soybean or sunflower oil-based margarine and vegan cheeses can be substituted for dairy products.

• Raw brown sugar that does not pass through a bone marrow, as it does not undergo refinement can be the best sweetener options for vegans.

The good thing about these substitutes for a vegan diet plan is that they are actually low in calories as well, so they can pretty much lead to weight loss.

By Laura