Vegan Foods – Is Soy Bad for You?

There has been many controversies regarding the benefits of soy. Some scientists have shown the amazing benefits soy can bring to your health, while others claim that soy products contain toxins that are very harmful to our bodies.

People who claim that soy is bad to your health, are convinced that soy can bring side effects such as fertility problems for men, breast cancer, thyroid cancer and many other diseases.

But whats the real truth about soy?

It is my believe that this is going to be an ongoing debate for many years. It is hard to know what the real truth regarding soy is. This is because there is so much money involve in this topic that research can be easily be manipulated by big industries covering information to the public for monetary issues.

So it really comes down in making an educated guess. If we look back in time, soy has been use for thousands of years by the Chinese and they have no problems regarding male virility (they are the largest population on earth) and also China has the one of the lowest rate of breast cancer in women.

Now it is also important to buy soy products that are organic. With the high demand for soy in products, people have being discovering ways to make this product available at all times. Scientists have been manipulating with soy to make products that are just not healthy nor natural. Such is the case of isolated soy proteins, in which scientists put the soy bean through so many process that the end result is completely synthetic. Products that contain isolated soy proteins can be found on energy bars, protein powders and supplements so it is always a good idea to look at the label so we could avoid it. Also with this increasing demand for soy, scientists have also created soy GMO’s (genetically modified organism) so the crop could survive the constant use of pesticides to make it profitable by the big industries.

I have the idea that everything we consume, we need to do it with moderation, (for example you can drown by drinking too much water) and always having a varied diet is a must. If you think soy is bad for you, that should not stop you from becoming a vegan, as you can get your protein needs from many plant sources. For me, I like to keep soy on my diet as I do belief on its benefits but like I said before, everything must be done with moderation.

By Laura