Vegan Skin Care Products – Better Than People Think

The vegan skin care products market has been gaining in popularity recently, yet still has remained more like a mysterious alternative to a significant part of consumers. To some, it may seem just an alternative and nothing more. There are, however, easy ways to prove that these formulas are often better not only for ethical reasons or for the environment, but also for people’s health.

The Vegan Concept

Veganism is a way of life that puts an emphasis on consciousness and ethics. Veganism is about excluding from one’s life all the animal-derived products or ingredients, not just meat. It goes beyond the diet and strives to avoid harming the environment and the creatures inhabiting it. Vegans also avoid clothing items or cosmetics that use animal coloring like carmine, or animal fat, like soaps and lipstick. Some people, even without being vegan, find these ingredients quite disturbing. Therefore, it is great to know the alternatives. By purchasing vegan items not only that you adhere to conscious living, but also you get harmless substances into your system, thanks to the ingredients and procedures used.

Better, Natural Ingredients

Most cosmetics on the market are produced behind closed doors, in laboratories. People can read their ingredients on the label, but how many of them can actually explain what those are? That list of hard-to-pronounce chemicals can’t be too kind to your skin on the long-term. Moreover, these substances accumulate under your skin and in your blood, causing disease sooner or later in life. Vegan skin care products are mostly based on plants, which have few or no side effects and don’t accumulate in your body. The nature is wise, and when skin care is centered on its benefits, there is only to gain. To know which brands produce this kind of merchandise, one can proceed to make an online search including the term “vegan” and find the listings of such brands.

Animal Testing – Why It Isn’t Necessary

Vegan products are directly related to animal rights activism. The implications go far beyond these sensible ethical aspects, though. Corporations and governments claim that ingredients are not safe for human use until they have been tested on animals. In reality, animals react much more differently to substances than humans, which render these tests irrelevant. Therefore, no one can be sure that all thoroughly tested products out there are actually harmless. Fortunately, the time has come for the world to discover a better and healthier way to achieve a beautiful complexion, through vegan skin care. Being close to nature is part of the basic credo for this area of the industry, and therefore you will get in you creams, lotions and tonics much more plant ingredients, natural oils and essences. For this reason, some of the products might be more expensive, but the effect (on the long term especially) is well worth the cost difference.

By Laura