Vegan’s Valentine on a Budget – Here’s What to Do!

Now that times are tough and money is tight, is it still possible to have an amazing vegan’s Valentine’s Day on a budget? Of course! It just takes a little time and creativity to plan the vegan Valentine’s of your dreams.

An old standby is the Valentine’s Day dinner, where you get all dressed up and head to the fanciest and most expensive restaurant in town. Of course you need to make reservations way in advance, and leave a hefty tip for your waiter.

If you have the funds then this is still a classic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day – but if your pocketbook is looking a little thin then why not try the homemade alternative?

Clean up your place and decorate your dining room. Set the mood with some classy music and mood lighting – just like you would find at an expensive restaurant. Do these simple things, and you will be surprised at how quickly it transforms your own dining room.

If you like to cook, you can surprise your partner with a full vegan menu, from appetizers to dessert. Getting the gift of a meal, prepared and presented for you, may be all your partner really wants for Valentine’s Day this year. And all it costs is the price of the ingredients.

But maybe you don’t feel confident in your ability to whip up a 7-course vegan Valentine’s dinner from scratch by yourself. Then why not cook together? Cooking together can actually be really romantic, as you work together to turn ordinary ingredients into a succulent vegan meal.

Try something that’s not on your regular menu. Find new vegan recipes that you’d like to try but never have, and make them together. Maybe it won’t turn out exactly as you planned, but you’ll be creating something new together which is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

After the dinner dishes are cleared away, it’s time to exchange gifts. Of course you need to get a vegan gift – no leather or animal product or ingredients allowed – but you also need it to be affordable. Why not give the gift of time?

Many gifts are completely free, the only cost is the investment of your time. Make something for your lover, give a sensual back rub, or visit a nursing home together to cheer up the residents.

Or consider giving an “experience gift.” Go hiking, skating, or rollerblading together. Play a board game. Look in your area for affordable admission to an art gallery. It’s not the price tag (or lack thereof) of a gift that matters, but that it comes from the heart and is an opportunity to say “I love you” and spend time together.

Valentine’s Day is the special day of the year when you can really shower your partner with affection and a gift that leaves them breathless. If you’re short on funds don’t let it affect your Valentine’s Day celebration! You can have a great vegan’s Valentine’s Day, no matter how little you have to spend this year.

By Laura