Weight Lifting Workouts

Get professional advice before starting a weight lifting workout plan and make sure a professional follows your progress. Always follow the advice you are given, especially on the way to lift weights, and follow the routine for the most benefit from your workout.

You should have your weight lifting workout plan checked over every month or so, to see that it still suits you. The routine you were following when you first started out is not going to benefit you after you have developed the muscle and stamina you will after a couple of months. You want to always be improving your fitness and strength. A good workout should leave you feeling good but tired. You should feel that you are pushing yourself a little all the time. Never get too comfortable.

Weight lifting workouts can be a lot of fun. They do not have to be all hard work. You do have to do the work obviously but you can turn your routine into fun. Try to work to music because it seems to help keep a rhythm to your workout.

It is great to work with a friend. If you are lifting heavy weights you should always have a spotter anyway but if you can work with a friend for your entire workout it gives you both a bit of incentive. You really hate to give up early if you have a witness who is going to take you to task for not completing your entire routine.

You should have a proper planned workout optimised for you personally. I you don’t have a personal plan designed for your body you may not be getting the full benefit of your weight lifting workout and who wants to put all that work in and not get the most from it.

By Laura