Why Do Vegans Fart So Much?

Well, the title says it all, folks. First of all, perhaps we should talk about why people fart in general. There are two normal causes of gas, the swallowing of air and normal digestion of food. Lets key in on the second cause, digestion. Digestion is the breakdown of food in our bodies. Now, looking at the vegan diet, there are a few specific elements that can be overlooked. Lets break those down, now.

Eating too much fiber too soon. To start off our discussion of fiber, perhaps we should break down the two different kinds of fiber (pun intended), soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber can be broken down by water. Sources of soluble fiber include: oat bran, legumes, peas, and fruit. Insoluble fiber is just the opposite, it never gets broken down as it passes through the body. Now as most of us realize, fiber plays a special role as it allows the body to be cleaned out. However, if we try to digest too much of it without our bodies being used to it, it will cause constipation. So we have to be patient and introduce fiber in moderation. Drinking enough water is key here as fiber can’t pass without it.

A diet based on legume protein. Legumes are a great source of protein in the vegan diet, as they are low in fat and high in protein. We can find legumes almost everywhere when it comes to substitutions, from black bean patties to the base of vegan brownies. However, we’ve all heard it since we were kids, beans give you gas. The thing is they don’t have to, that’s only a myth. The reason legumes create gas during digestion is because your body can’t break down the complex sugars, oligosaccharides, on the coating of legumes. There is a simple solution for this, folks. Let your legumes soak before cooking with them and that problem is eliminated!

Combining foods improperly. Although, some don’t realize it, conscious food combining is key to proper digestion. At the root of food combining it is important to keep one thing in mind, proteins and starches tend not to mix well. Proteins and starches are broken down differently in the body. When eaten together it can reap havoc on the body, as a byproduct, causing gas. Now there is one exception to this rule, rice is the only starch that doesn’t cause gas.

In conclusion gas is a normal part of digestion. Be mindful of the combinations of food in your diet. Legumes are an excellent source of vegan protein. Just make sure they are prepared properly. Be gentle with your body when incorporating fiber into your diet. Drink plenty of water in order to help you digest it. Eat consciously and enjoy!

By Laura